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Fly London is a brand of footwear and accessories created in 1994 in England and then acquired by the company Fortunato O. Frederico, the biggest footwear company in Portugal. Nowadays, it has been having a lot of success in many countries, but especially in England.

It started as a footwear brand, today it also offers a wide range of accessories.

Focused towards the international market of fashion for people that are young in spirit, this Portuguese brand is uncompromising in its style and design, by creating models always in an innovative way and with bold designs. It is for this reason that their slogan is: “ever changing, ever developing”.

Since its beginning, almost 20 years ago, that Fly London’s goal has been to create footwear and accessories that are original, of high quality and that will not go out of style, but never neglecting the comfort and convenience.

In Portugal it is known for its cork platform sandals. It also has the fame of being very comfortable and for its extremely high quality.

Fly London’s collections are always divided in various lines, each one offering its own original and elegant style.

One of the most popular lines is Glam, famous for its comfortable cork midsole, which is very light and insulates the temperature. Due to its popularity, there has been many and varied models from this line, and now its cork midsole is more resistant than ever.         

Another line of this Portuguese brand that is also very famous is the Yellow line, best known for its very comfortable rubber sole. Fly London, whether in its summer or winter collection, always has various models of the Yellow line, and it has always been very successful.

Fly London has been able to create its own and unique identity, by marking each one of its products with its distinct drawing of the fly and, at the same time, by offering a great diversity of styles, colours and materials, always thanks to its originality.

FLY London is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

Don't walk, FLY!

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