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Melissa is a footwear brand that was launched in 1979, Brasil, by the company Grendene S.A. ...

This company, belonging to brothers Alexandre and Pedro Grendene, had as a main job the manufacturing of plastic packages for wine casks. However, the Grendene brothers decided to take a chance on footwear made with their largest raw material, plastic. Since then, Melissa shoes have become a huge success in their own country, but also around the world.   

Since the 80s, Melissa started to invite stylists and designers to develop and personalize models for the brand, in order to have more variety, able to satisfy any liking and preference. Among the big renowned names that were invited, we would like to highlight brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, who designed irreverent models that can be used in the day-to-day and that every year are reinvented.

The material used in the manufacturing of its models is patented by Melissa with the name Melflex, with the purpose of guarantying comfort and flexibility. Melflex is free of heavy metals and free of substances harmful to your health, in addition of offering great comfort and softness to the touch.  

This brand is very careful about the environment, since the PVC can be recycled, it produces few residues, is free of heavy metals and the production waste is all recyclable. 

You can be sure that your Melissa will keep their shape and will keep your feet cool, without heating up and lets them breathe, and the durability is above normal in this type of materials.

It is important to point out that one of the best elements of any Melissa footwear is its nice smell, which the brand has the care to incorporate in all its models. This way, it is the only footwear brand in the world that applies aroma in its products. And it lasts many years… 

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