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Xuz is a Portuguese footwear brand, proudly produced by hand by various companies hired by Xuz. 

In São João da Madeira, the wood is carved and smoothed and in Barcelos, the clog maker moulds the skin and adapts it to the wood. Both resort to traditional techniques and also to some craftsmen that saw their profession reborn instead of apparently becoming outdated. Inspired by the clogs that were used until a few decades ago, it has now diversified only women’s footwear to their clients, where it includes, besides of clogs, sandals, ankle boots and tall boots.

Xuz’s footwear is often adorned with laces, antique coins, feathers, snake skin, glitter, studs, metallic ornaments, among others inspired by Portuguese tradition, which make each model unique and original. The models from Xuz are available with alder wood soles or with rubber soles. The alder wood is used due to its low weight and excellent resistance, thus guarantying that your models are comfortable and everlasting.

The Xuz’s motto is “Handmade Lovers”, which demonstrates the passion and dedication of this brand in manufacturing footwear by using antique and manual techniques. Thus, it exist the guaranty of exclusivity, because, since they are handmade, there are no two clogs alike. Furthermore, there is the concern of no mass-production of models that are launched. The production is deliberately limited and even products from previous collections, are never available in following collections. Thus, if you find a model from the past collection and we do not have your size, unfortunately it will be impossible to order or manufacture it for you. In case you want a product from the current collection, if it is sold out, we will be happy to order it for you.

We would like to warn that in this brand there are models with a loose fit and others with a normal fit. We ask that you confirm this information that is found in the left side of the logo.

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