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In 1918, Nathan Swartz started his career in the world of footwear and in 1952 acquired half of the Abington Shoe Company which produced footwear for many brands. 

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In 1973 this company introduced some water-proof models with the name “Timberland”. The success was such that they chose to change the company’s name to The Timberland Company.

Meanwhile, Timberland created the yellow boot which, in addition to being water-proof, helped locate lumberjacks in the middle of less lit forests. This model kept its main features and it is still commercialized today in all the Timberland’s stores and used by celebrities like a fashion object. Early on, Timberland started to expand its footwear for a use called “Outdoor”, i.e. to be used outside of cities and of artificial surfaces, even though most of its consumers make a point of also using it in an urban setting since it is very versatile and comfortable footwear with style.

After a few years, Timberland realized that, in addition to producing quality footwear, it could expand its business also to clothing, thus complementing the Outdoor style already characteristic of the brand. Nowadays, there are three ranges or lines of products: Outdoor Adventure, Earthkeepers and Classics.

Outdoor Adventure is a line focused on adventure and outside sporting activities. Earthkeepers has the special dedication in sustainability and in the preservation of our environment, thus the energy spent and the residue caused by the manufacturing of the products is reduced to the minimum. Classics has the care of offering iconic models, models which age makes them be the most important footwear in your shoe closet.In order to guarantee footwear of high quality, Timberland has included many well-known technologies, like Gore-Tex and Vibram, but also it has developed its own technologies, thus guarantying the same level of quality to an accessible price, some examples are Splash Blaster and Crash Blaster.

Recently this brand was acquired by VF Corporation, one the biggest companies of this kind.

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