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Vans is a brand founded in 1966 in California, where Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Serge D Ella and Gordon Lee began to create and sell footwear for skateboarders.

In 2004, Vans is acquired by the largest company in the world of apparel, the VF Corporation. Currently, in addition to the Vans skate, has fans in many other sports such as Bmx, surfing, Moto-X, snow, among others.Moreover to footwear market, also produces clothing and accessories. Nowadays the Vans renewed models like the Authentic, Slip On, Sk8 and Old Skool and is a much appreciated brand by a very wide age range.

Authentic – original or basic sneakers.
Slip on – sneakers without shoelaces.
Old Skool – low sneakers with side stripe (wavy decorative side-band).
Sk8 – shaped sneakers booty with ankle support and additional protection.

Vans began selling in a store specially set up for this purpose and on the first day had 12 clients, but they only had sneakers to make the showcase and the boxes were all empty. Then the customers selected the colors and styles they wanted, and Paul Van Doren went to the factory to quickly produce and deliver them later that day to his customers. When customers returned to pick up their orders, the store didn't have enough change and so they've asked the clients to pay the next day. All 12 customers came back to pay their Vans. At the time the price ranged between $2.49 and $4.99.

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