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Converse and All Star are the same thing? We take this opportunity now to clarify. Converse is the brand. All Star is a model of this brand, with many variations.

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Converse is a brand created by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908. In 1915 this brand started to manufacture footwear to play tennis and in 1917 started to manufacture footwear to play basketball. After a few years, a basketball player with the name Chuck Taylor complained of pain in his feet and Converse faced this complaint in the best way. This was the bet in Chuck Taylor which made Converse grow in the basketball world.

Meanwhile, in high All Star models, it was added the logo which still exists today in an up to date version, with a star and the name Chuck Taylor written. During this time, this high All Star model was used by various players which made some feats and thus made sure that Converse was even more well-known.  

In the 70s, Converse started to lose clients due to the appearance of brands like Nike and Adidas and meanwhile started not to be used like the official sneakers of the NBA and in 2001 Converse is forced to surrender to bankruptcy. During this time, it is acquired by Footwear Acquisitions and 2 years later is Nike that buys Converse.

In 2010 this brand starts to be known as an iconic and fashionable brand, being used by some celebrities which help project the new All Star Chuck Taylor towards success.

Nowadays, Converse bets essentially in 2 models, the low sneakers, the Ox, and the highs, or Hi, still also called Chuck Taylor. With canvas models in the most diverse colours, but also with models made of skin and other materials and appliqués which has become a reference and a true must-have in your shoe closet.

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