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Nobody knows for sure if the first ugg boots are Australian or from New Zealand, but everything indicates that they already existed in 1920...

It is important to point out that ugg boots are a model used long before the creation of the Ugg Australia brand. They are boots made of sheepskin and fleece inside and of tanned skin outside, normally only used as practical objects against the cold.

In 1978, Australian surfer Brian Smith founded his Ugg Australia brand in South California, USA, inspired by the traditional ugg boots, but with the hope of them becoming real fashion accessories. And in the 80s they did, by becoming a symbol of California’s culture and a must among surfers.

Since always, this American brand prides itself in its warm and extremely comfortable fur boots, with unmatchable quality of materials and production.

The Ugg’s fur is from sheep, which is characterized for being especially dense and soft, able to keep your feet dry and at the right temperature. All the furs and skins used in the manufacturing of its footwear are subject to a careful selection and treatment so that the final product is of excellent quality. 

In most recent years, Ugg boots caught the world by surprise when they became fashion icons, used by models, actresses, singers and even renowned television host Oprah Winfrey, who liked her Ugg boots so much that she bought 350 pairs for her employees.   

The Ugg Australia brand grew immensely since its creation and now, in addition to boots, makes flip flops and sandals, with the same comfort, style and quality that you can expect of a product from this brand. And you can find all these products at EscapeShoes.

Either for winter or for summer, you can find your dream Ugg for each season. Do not wait a single minute longer to order yours!

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