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In 1853, the German Levi Strauss opened a fabric store where he sold boots and clothes to small stores in San Francisco...

On the other hand, almost 20 years later, a Lithuanian tailor called Jacob Davis joined together with him. Together, they patented clothing reinforced with cotton rivets and denim fabric in blue and brown. Thus, the original jeans, today called 501, were born. Besides, the Two Horses logo is the one that continues to be used nowadays in the leather tag, which demonstrates the durability and authenticity of this Levis’ clothing.

When in 1902 Levi Strauss passes away, it is his nephews that take charge of the business and also donate the large benefits to associations intended to help children and people in need. 

The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 destroys the company’s headquarters. However, this does not stop it from being rebuilt in order to continue its successful production.   

In 1918, they start to manufacture jeans for women, with the purpose of liberating women from the limited movements of that time. 

As a curious anecdote, we can say that in the 50s, Levis were prohibited in some schools, because they were associated to young delinquents that would appear in movies.  

For its process of manufacture, an average of 42 litres of water is needed. However, the Water Less collection from Levis reduces this consumption by some 96 per cent. 

The quality of the materials and their finishings are known worldwide. Levis’ commitment to continuously create new models and colours allows you to find those that adapt to perfection to your tastes and needs.  

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