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MTNG stands out due to its shoes that are always up to the latest trends, but with accessible prices in order to reach the biggest number of people. This way, this Spanish brand is able to stay in sync with its public and fulfil its expectations.

First and foremost, we would like to clarify something, since while the name of the brand is MTNG, or Mustang, the name of its company is MTNG Experience. Well, in truth the brand is part of a group with many other brands, among which SixtySeven, which is also available at EscapeShoes.

However, the truth is that Mustang appeared first in 1967, created by Pascual Ros Agular, while MTNG Experience was only founded in 2010. So, you could say that MTNG is the “mother” brand of all the others.

However, the name “Experience” is perfect to exemplify the long journey of this brand and also its main goal: to give the people unique and interesting experiences with its shoes. In order to accomplish this objective, Mustang makes an effort to offer innovative designs, by using durable and malleable materials during their manufacturing.

And what is the result? Fantastic models of diverse types of shoes, among which ankle boots, boots, sandals, espadrilles and sneakers. And so that you can be even more fashionable, the brand usually adds elements like sequins, golden tones, platform soles and metallized colours. Hence, you will always have a cool look, but you will also be comfortable, since the brand always makes a point of providing you the best wellbeing possible.

And where can you find these wonderful Mustang models? Do you really need to ask? Of course, you will be able to find them here at EscapeShoes. As soon as you see them, it will be practically impossible to resist their charms! And with each new collection, MTNG is able to offer us even more original and elegant shoes. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and place your online order now!

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