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Nazaré Heróis do Mar, or NHM, is very recent, when compared with other brands available at EscapeShoes, but distinguishes itself due to its unique and original models that evoke the Portuguese culture.

Since it started last year, this brand has made an effort to fulfil its mission of celebrating the “true Portugal” way, by inspiring in different symbols and patterns and applying them on its shoes. Even its logo reminds us of a Portuguese coat of arms, like one that you could find in the Middle Ages.

In its shoes, you can also see some elements that correspond to a slightly more medieval, or even Goth, style, but always in a modern and urban design so that it can be appreciated by the most number of people.

Another factor that Nazaré Heróis do Mar always takes into account is your comfort, hence the use of the best quality materials to make its shoes, like leather, suede or fabric. A good example of that is the use of platform soles, which are always a trend year after year, but also a great way to provide you a good cushioning while you are walking. Furthermore, these platform soles are made of a very special material that is characterized for its lightness and durability. What more can you ask for?

And what about colours? You can find a little bit of everything! Vivid or neutral colours, prints, solid colours… everything that you could wish for. So, even if you are a woman that prefers a more discreet look or that prefers a more dashing look wherever you may go, you can be sure that NHM has the ideal shoes for you!

Do you want to know a secret? Nazaré Heróis do Mar always includes a surprise for you inside each box with its shoes. Do you want to know what it is? It is a small carton box that contains some images, for example, of flowers, planets or satellites and of religious figures, with inspirational messages. The purpose is to motivate you to enjoy each day to the max with your NHM shoes! It is more than enough proof to show you how this Portuguese brand always thinks about you.

And you already know where you can find these gorgeous shoes, right? Of course, they already are at EscapeShoes! We are sure that as soon as you see them, you will immediately fall in love. So, don't waste any more time and order your Nazaré Heróis do Mar shoes online!


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