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In 1947, in the French Alps, the Salomon family, composed by François, his wife Jeanne and son Georges, with only 22 years old, founded the brand that currently is practically a synonym of mountain and snow sports. With the family name, it is Salomon!

It all started in a small metalworking shop, which François bought to make blade saws. Shortly after, he adapted his machinery to make ski metal edges and cable bindings, which were the main focus until 1979. It was during this time that they presented their first snow boots, SX90. The brand continued to dominate the snow sports world with their next boots SX91, which had even more success.

When Georges took his father’s place as the owner of the company, he kept the tradition of betting more strongly on engineering than on marketing. Actually, he himself trained as an engineer and a product’s development usually took five or more years, with 80 per cent of the time dedicated to research and the other 20 per cent to the product’s execution itself.

When in 1997 became part of Adidas, Salomon began to diversify to make shoes for other types of sports, such as running and hiking, as well as other types of products, for example, clothes and accessories. Nowadays, you will also be able to find shoes designed for a more casual and daily use. In 2005, it was sold to Amer Sports, a Finnish sports good company.  

With almost 70 years of existence, the brand follows the same principles that it has from the beginning, in making quality and innovative products that offer freedom to your feet and the best performance that you may want during any sport or in your day-to-day.

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