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Founded in 1991 by the Navarro-Pertusa family, Gioseppo’s a Spanish brand with headquarters in Alicante. Today it has crossed borders and is known worldwide not only for its comfortable shoes but also for the details and care given for each one of its pairs, which stand out for their personality, design, colour and fun!

Since José Navarro created this company with his four sons new knowledge and ideas were integrated naturally based on their learning and experience in the areas of marketing, art, sales and human resources.

They started their company in Spain, but nowadays they’re over 80 countries. Their mission’s to give “many appealing solutions of shoes for the whole family with a casual, modern, bold, cheerful and accessible touch”, and we right off the bat agree and confirm that this mission’s being fulfilled!

Their slogan “Have a nice day” reminds us of the good times shared under the sun while enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle!

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