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The “shoe that breathes” is more than an idea, it’s Geox’s absolute mission. It’s a mission that has been fulfilled for over 20 years. What for? To offer the best comfort and wellbeing in a pair of shoes that is equally stylish and fashionable. See the comfortable shoes from this Italian brand here at EscapeShoes!

It all started with a man called Mario Moretti Polegato, Geox’s founder and current President. Nearly 25 years ago, while he was jogging under the hot sun of Reno, Nevada, his feet were starting to get hot due to the exertion, and so he had the most brilliant idea! He made a few holes on shoes’ soles with a Swiss army knife, and voilá, the shoe that breathes was born!

Of course Geox shoes evolved a lot since that moment 25 years ago! After having this stroke of genius, Mario Polegato immediately developed and patented a new technology on the rubber soles with the purpose of creating his breathable shoes. That’s how day-to-day shoes met avant-garde technology, exemplified in the brand’s name itself. The word “Geox” comes from Geo – Greek word for “earth” – and the letter X, the symbol of advanced technology. This way, the brand’s able to create shoes truly comfortable and of high quality, perfect for any day-to-day occasion.

Now Geox arrived at EscapeShoes! Get to know the versatile day-to-day shoes that the brand has to offer you and order your ideal pair now!

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