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Birkenstock is a German footwear brand, very well-known due to its sandals with unique and amusing colours and patterns, but Birkenstock is much more than that!...

Johann Adam Birkenstock founded this brand in 1774 and, since then, carried out a profound investigation of how our feet are supposed to be properly supported by the footwear and throughout all these years all the models were perfected year after year until we reached the final product which is offered to you today.

It is in the sandals that we find a great diversity of colours and models, but Birkenstock also has to offer clogs, shoes, boots, etc.

All of these are designed by having as a main priority to be orthopaedic and because of that the shape of the insoles is practically unaltered. In their majority, the insole and sole are composed of what Birkenstock calls Cork-Latex.

This Cork-Latex is composed of essentially cork to guarantee lightness, proper temperature, antibacterial protection, comfort and perfect perspiration absorption.

And the latex, natural will guarantee the connection of the different densities of cork in order to have an extremely resistant final product, but also by allowing the right flexibility to make your walk natural.

In contact with the floor, it is used Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, better well-known as EVA which will guarantee resistance as well as proper shock absorption.

With these features, the footwear of this brand is totally adaptable to our feet, thus offering a unique comfort.

Important note:

You can place an order for a Birkenstock’s item at EscapeShoes and what is sent to your house is an item from the brand Papillio, Birkis, Tamini, Betula, etc. It is perfectly normal, Birkenstock is the owner of these brands and, because they are so similar, we do not distinguish them unless in their name. Either way, the item has the same technology, the same quality and the same comfort which Birkenstock considers to be fundamental.

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