Musse & Cloud

Summer is just around the corner and to enjoy it to the fullest we should all have cool, comfy and practical sandals, isn’t that right? However, if you still don’t have yours, here at EscapeShoes we’ve the perfect solution! We present to you one of the most recent additions to the online store, Musse & […]


This season, EscapeShoes has many surprises for you! You may have already noticed that not only the spring / summer collections 2019 have arrived to our online store, but also new brands. And on today’s blog post we’ll talk about Mariamare! Have you heard of it? Well, if you don’t know it, it’s a Spanish […]


One more Portuguese brand has joined the EscapeShoes online store, Ruika! And, obviously, we had to dedicate a blog post to this daring brand! It was founded in 2002 by Rui Nascimento, who already has many years of experience in Portugal’s fashion circle. This brand prides itself of being 100% Portuguese, as it creates shoes […]


Today, the blog post is dedicated to a recent brand here at EscapeShoes, but that’s already a bit hit! It’s Fila! You’ve surely heard of this brand, since it’s hard walking down the street and not seeing someone wearing its clothes or shoes. It’s an Italian brand focused on sportswear that’s of high quality and […]


The sneakers of the future have arrived at EscapeShoes! We’re talking about Muroexe, which offers shoes that are simplistic and at the same time innovative. It’s quite a recent brand, since it was founded in September 2013, but despite that it’s already available in over 51 countries, and now it’s already in our online store! […]

Pepe Jeans

Despite starting as a jeans brand, nowadays Pepe Jeans encompasses many other fashion accessories, including… That’s right, footwear! However, in its spring / summer collection 2019 there’s a type of footwear that undoubtedly dominates: sneakers. And why sneakers? Well, they’re the most comfortable and practical footwear to wear daily, but Pepe Jeans sneakers prove that […]

Men’s shoes

With our day-to-day hustle and bustle it’s important to have footwear in which we trust and is versatile enough to match with all our outfits. It’s with that purpose in mind that on today’s EscapeShoes blog post we’ll give you a few suggestions of ideal shoes either for the workplace or for weekend strolls. Let’s […]

Women’s Shoes

Every year we’ve the same question, what’s the best day-to-day footwear? Keep reading today’s EscapeShoes blog post where we’ll share with you some suggestions of women’s shoes to wear daily! Shall we? Ankle boots Sneakers Ankle boots We’ll then start with the type of footwear that’s ideal for winter and spring, the ankle boots. They […]