10 Fun Facts about Gioseppo

10 Fun Facts about Gioseppo

Much more than a brand!

Although it’s one of the most recent brands here at EscapeShoes, it has quickly gained a place in our hearts! Gioseppo stands out for not only making shoes, but bold and cheerful shoes that embody the brand’s personality and mission of producing unique, appealing and high quality products at reasonable prices. If you still haven’t taken a look at its shoes, we strongly recommend you do so, but perhaps after reading these 10 less known facts about the Spanish brand, which will make you fall more in love with it! Have we piqued your curiosity?

1-It’s a family business. It may have started as an idea by José Navarro, but the rest of the family also contributed to its success, including his wife and co-founder Esperanza Pertusa and their four children, José Miguel, Jorge, Esperanza and Germán.

gioseppo2-They may have started selling only in Spain, but now they’re present in over 80 countries.

3-Even though it’s a Spanish brand, the team consists of professionals from many parts of the word, including but not limited to Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, Paraguay and France.

4-The design process’s made in an open and inclusive space with 8 designers. The casual yet inviting and friendly environment’s really present on the video below, but also reflects on their shoes, don’t you think so?

5-The team creates over 600 new designs each season.

6-They partake in solidary missions and even established the Esperanza Pertusa Foundation, with the purpose of creating awareness projects against poverty and social exclusion.

7-It’s a brand certified by SGS since 2001, attesting for the manufacturing and quality control.

8-It’s part of the prestigious Leading Brands of Spain Forum.

9-Elsa Pataky’s not only the model in many of Gioseppo’s campaigns, but also a known actress in such films like the Fast and the Furious franchise, in addition of being married to Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the most recent Marvel films.

10-Their last initiative was a children’s mobile game called Comando Gioseppo, which teaches them about how to take care of the environment and the planet.


After getting to know Gioseppo a tad better, we’re sure that you’re curious to see its shoes and eager to pick out your very own pair. Well, you already know you’ve many to choose here at the EscapeShoes online store, so the tough part will really be to pick your favourite! We’re excited to see your choice!

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