The best Birkenstock shoes!

If you’re familiar with Birkenstock sandals, you already know that there no more comfortable shoes for summer days:

  •          Their insoles makes us feel as if we’re walking on clouds, and proof of just that is that they’re recommended by orthopaedists;
  •          They’re very versatile, as there are dozens of shoes in an infinite variety of colours and prints;
  •          They’re ideal for the day-to-day hustle and bustle, and when you wear them you won’t want anything else.

Now you might think, if they’re shoes recommended by orthopaedists surely they’re not anything special, they’re just boring and serve only to be comfortable (which is the most important thing after all). However, why not put together extremely comfortable with style that’s up-to-date with the current trends? That’s exactly what Birkenstock thought and that’s why on today’s EscapeShoes post we’ll give you the chance to get to know different shoes from the brand and some of the materials of which they’re made of! Shall we?

Vegan soles

Instead of the classic suede insole Birkenstock decided to change things a bit and create an animal-friendly insole! You’ve read it right! Now there are shoes, such as the case of these Mayari Pull Up Bordeaux sandals, which have a vegan insole made of microfibers with a very soft and velvety texture! How nice!



EVA’s a very lightweight material used in many of the Birkenstock soles, but these Arizona EVA Black sandals are entirely made of EVA! What does this mean? It means that you’ll have light and waterproof shoes that are easy to clean and ideal for your trips to the pool or the beach!


Classic shoes

And finally, to end with a bang, the Birkenstock’s classic shoes, in this case we talk about a Birkenstock 2018 pair, the Gizeh Metallic Stones Copper, but there are many more! All of them with the same quality and comfort that only this German brand knows how to give us!


Now that you already know a bit more about this brand, you must be wondering where to buy your Birkenstock, right? You can buy your Birkenstock at your favourite online store, EscapeShoes!

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