Converse: why do we love them?

Converse: why do we love them? Well that’s a good question…

Converse was created in 1908 by Marquis Mills and has been through a lot of ups and downs along its walk. They were originally thought of for sports practice and then they started to mark scores on our hearts.

Maybe it’s because of their simplicity, lightness or by their ability to adapt to every situation…

Even sharing almost always the same design, Converse always has new colours and patterns in each passing year. And they look wonderful with jeans, shorts or even dresses!

Come along, we will show you a lot of reasons for you to love them!

The classics

Check this classical Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox White or the Converse All Star Ox Black. Even though they have the simplest design they’re the ones that have a larger fan base. The basic black and white colours match every look; and there is always the boot version. Why don’t you match it with you as well?converse sneakers

Dragon scales

In a time when fantasy is queen, of course there had to be Chuck Taylor with a scale pattern. They are very modern and there are two versions: white and silver and golden and black! Ride this dragon and fly!dragon scale converse

The futuristic metallic

In late 1990’s, beginning of 2000, metallic colours like golden or silver were seen as futuristic. Of course now we have already reached that future but they are still colours that will make a blast at your feet. Look at them, they are fantastic!

silver all star sneakers

The platforms

Platforms are here to stay, whether in sandals or in boots. And Converse, who is always trendy, is no exception to the rule and designed these beautiful platform sneakers, check them out!

platform converse sneakers

Princess slippers

It doesn’t matter how old we are we are always looking for things that awaken our inner princess. And it was with all the beautiful princesses in mind that Converse made these beautiful white crochet Chuck Taylor’s.

crochet converse all star

And how about these pink Chuck Taylor All Star with glitter on their toecap? They are as sparkly as Cinderella’s crystal slippers.

pink all star

And so we repeat the question “Converse: why do we love them?”

I think these are more than enough reasons for you to go to our online store and fall in love with the Converse universe!

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