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Following our previous post, we wanted to tell you about the case of Isabel Martins, who has bunions on both feet. Today on the EscapeShoes blog, we’ll talk about the shoes that she chooses to feel comfortable while walking. Are you curious to know what is it that leaves her so peaceful and well-rested? You just need to click!

Since we had already talked about bunions and given you a few tips on how to soften the inflammations they may cause, we thought it was a good idea if we could advise on what shoes to wear if you suffer from this condition. That is why we talked to a friend of ours, Isabel Martins, that sadly has her feet deformed because of this problem, but she doesn’t let it stop her!

bunion feet

If you suffer from bunions or know someone who does, then you know it is very difficult to find shoes that can adapt to this deformity that can cause pain, inflammations and even rheumatoid arthritis. But our dear Isabel Martins has found a great Portuguese brand that has super modern, comfortable and very adaptable shoes: Fly London!

But it’s not just any Fly London shoes; she chose specifically the Yellow Fly London line! Let’s get to know these shoes better!

Fly London Yellow

This shoe line has a special particularity: their foot base. It is thick, non-slippery and has a slight curvature on the toe base that makes the shoe follow your feet movement. It is an excellent component to soften the impact since it keeps you from feeling the ground as you walk and will help you feel your feet more rested through the day.

Now we are going to show you mode models that are very adaptable to feet with bunions. Come along!

Fly London Yellow Yaz shoes

yellow yaz coffee

Our friend Isabel Martins is passionate about these shoes, having a pair of them in black. Their V shaped design in the foot front makes the feet and leg more elegant, and since they are leather, they are very resistant. And in this brown colour with coppery reflexes they are perfect not just for your daily basis, but also for that special occasion when you can’t let go of your heels.

Yellow Yama ankle boots

fly yellow yama

However, because it is cold sometimes and we all need to protect our feet, the Yellow line has these Yellow Yama Mousse ankle boots. This design stands out because it is made from two pieces: one with wrinkles on the foot front, with metallic eyelets through where goes a shoelace that ties on the back side of the ankle. This is where you will find the other piece that goes from the heel to the top of the shaft. They have a more modern and unusual design but they never disregard the much needed comfort for anyone who has bunions.

Yellow Yuli Boots

boots yellow yuli

For anyone who rather have some higher shaft leather boots but can’t find any fitting to your problem, Fly London Yellow Yuli065 are an excellent choice. These boots have this line’s characteristic design but have thread patterns sewn on the toe top and a higher shaft, perfect to wear with skirts or some skinny jeans. And, since they have a metallic zipper along the shaft, you can easily put them on without getting hurt.

For Isabel, and for anyone who suffers from bunions, the most important thing is flexibility and durability. Because the pain and inflammations are mostly due to the mowing and friction of the shoes against the feet. Therefore, it is better to avoid tight shoes that presses on the foot front, especially the toes. The best thing in the Yellow line is that the leather is so malleable that fits perfectly to the foot, wrapping it gently and adapting to the bone deformity. And, since Fly London’s leather is of extremely high quality, it is more resistant and has a great durability.

In fact, whether you have bunions or not, Fly London’s Yellow line is an excellent choice. And there are a lot of different designs and colours you can try. Now you just have to go to and look for your favourite Fly London Yellow shoes, we are waiting for you!


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