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Practicing exercise is very important for our health and with such a busy life surrounded by all kind of technology, most of us choose outdoor activities, like hiking, to do on our free time. It’s with all of this in mind that we are going to tell everyone who loves doing that, what are the best hiking shoes.

As we had mentioned in a previous post about shoes for pilgrimage, the most important thing is the shoes ability to adapt to the ground it’ll walk on. It is important that they are resistant, especially if you’re walking through a mountain. It is very important that it has some kind of technology that allows your feet to breathe so they’ll stay dry and sweat free. Choose a model that fits to your feet, no sizes above or below. And go for light shoes so your legs don’t get too strained with the effort.

In fact, there are more than plenty of brands that make this kind of shoes, but when it comes to making a choice, for us the best brands, and we know you are going to agree with us, are Merrell and Timberland. Because they’re comfortable, have the ability to adapt to al kind of different grounds and have the highest of qualities.

Come see our suggestions of shoes for hiking from these two brands!

Hiking shoes – Boots

The most common hiking shoes are boots, because they are resistant and give a better protection on the worst of conditions. And if they are waterproof, better yet. Keep on reading to see our suggestions!

– Hiking boots for men

The brown Merrell Anvic Pace boots are made of leather, which makes them more resistant, and with the cushioned ankle lining they give you an even better protection and comfort while walking in the woods. The indented sole’s particularity is an extra help on slippery grounds and, since they are waterproof, your feet will stay dry if it suddenly starts to rain.

hiking boots for men

But as we said we were not going to talk only about Merrell, but Timberland as well, the MT Major Gore-Tex boots, just like the name says, have Gore-Tex technology which is a breathable waterproof membrane that will keep your feet dry.

– Hiking boots for women

Merrell brings us the perfect women boots for hiking, the blue and brown Merrell Vego Mid boots. The colour match is splendid but what really matters is that they are made of soft leather that is water resistant and allows for your feet to breathe, all thanks to the M-Select Dry technology. What a smashing combination!

hiking boots for women

Although if you’re more fond of Timberland, why not go for the Timberland Scramble Waterproof Tortoise boots. Instead of being of leather, this model is made of suede, but that doesn’t keep them from being waterproof. And the rubber sole has anti-slippery indentations to make them safer while walking. You know they’re a great choice because they have conquered a lot of admirers!

Hiking shoes – Sneakers

But when the weather is fine and our feet scream for something lighter, sneakers are the best choice. And if you’re thinking that they are not as resistant as boots, you’re wrong! With our suggestions you’ll be able to face even the rockiest of mountains! Check them out!

– Hiking sneakers for men

The chocolate brown Merrell Chameleon II Stretch sneakers are a great choice. They are made of cushioned mesh that makes them more comfortable, allowing them to fit perfectly to your feet, and it’s breathable, which is great. Besides, the shoelaces won’t get loose because they have an adjustable elastic that fits the sneakers to keep your feet safer. And the sole’s Vibram technology adds stability and adherence to any ground.

hiking sneakers for men

And why not add Gore-Tex to Vibram? With the brown Timberland sneakers you can do that. So, these sneakers give you a better stability and adherence to the ground and they are waterproof and breathable as well. That rocks!

– Hiking sneakers for women

For women, sneaker options just stick to Merrell. The Chameleon II Stretch Clay sneakers have a very beautiful dark green and brown combination and the textile mesh is breathable and elastic. They also have Vibram and add insoles with M-Select Fresh technology that gets rid of sweat and odour in a natural way, so that you may have the highest comfort.

hiking shoes for women

When you’re going hiking, what really matters is that you have shoes that fit the ground particularities and your needs, but if they also fit to your style, well then that’s the cherry on top!

And to find shoes with all of these features there is nothing better than going to our online shoe store, EscapeShoes! Here you’ll find the best hiking shoes for your outdoor activities so that each adventure is better than the one before that. Go to EscapeShoes.com and check our suggestions!


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