Melissa and Melflex


Do you know what Melflex is?

Melissa and Melflex… it’s impossible to imagine the brand without this material, but do you know what this material is exactly? To learn more about this incredible material and equally incredible brand Melissa, keep reading this EscapeShoes blog post!

First, we’ll tell you a bit about the brand’s origins, since it’s relevant to understand where Melflex comes from. It may seem like a lie, but Melissa’s history started over 40 years ago! The Grendene brothers owned a factory that produced plastic basketwork holders for gallon wine bottles. Yes, you’ve read right!

Grendene brothers, Melissa founders

As they became specialists of this material, they contemplated the possibility of using it in shoe manufacturing, as they saw the great advantages it could have. Because of that, in the late 70s, they created Melissa, with the first plastic sandals!

They had an incredible success! They’re so easy to keep clean, since it’s as simple as rubbing them with a wet cloth and drying them. And it was like that that such an innovative idea started to evolve over time until achieving the result we all know today.

Melissa & Melflex

Melflex… What is this material from Melissa?

If you already had a pair of Melissa shoes in your hands, you’ve surely noticed that aroma they have! It’s due to Melflex! But then, what exactly is Melflex? Well, it’s a PVC-based material of an exclusive formula by Melissa. Even the formula of its so lovely aroma is a well-kept secret that can never be replicated by others! And its aroma’s so unique and special that they even launched a limited edition fragrance to commemorate the brand’s 30th anniversary!

Melissa Perfume

However, Melissa and Melflex have many other perks besides the scent, namely:

  • It’s heat moulded – Its incredible moulding ability allows to create designs from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
  • It’s hypoallergenic – The occurrences of allergic reactions and skin rashes are minimal in contact with this material.
  • It’s 100% recyclable – It doesn’t have any toxic component in the raw material nor in the manufacturing process. In fact, 99% of the material used to make a pair of Melissas is recycled in the factory itself!
  • It’s incredibly malleable and at the same time durable – It not only adapts to your feet right away, but also allows the shoes to last a lifetime!

Thanks to its technology and its technique, this Brazilian brand’s able to design and create flats, sandals, shoes and many more types of footwear and accessories that go from the most elegant to the most practical, and always stylish. Can you ask for anything more?

To verify, there’s nothing better than to try it yourself! And where can you can models from this amazing Melissa brand? Here, at the EscapeShoes online store, of course! We’ll be waiting for your visit!

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