New Xuz Ankle Boots

New Xuz Ankle Boots

After a long season waiting, the autumn / winter collection from Xuz has finally arrived at EscapeShoes, with a type of shoe that with each passing moment is more in fashion, the ankle boots! It’s true that this Portuguese brand’s no stranger to booties, but this season it didn’t hold back and presented us with truly gorgeous and stylish booties. By basing on the latest trends and the traditional wooden clogs, Xuz surprises us with boots that are at the same time rustic and elegant. But why only talk about it when we can see these amazing ankle boots for ourselves!? Let’s not waste any more time and come see the small sample that we’ve for you on today’s EscapeShoes blog post!

Ankle boots with studs


It’s already customary to see the classic alder wooden sole decorated with a leather strap fixed with studs around it, and that’s why it’s so fascinating to see the new ways that Xuz finds to incorporate such a small element into its designs. One of the ways is by incorporating different types of studs, as it did with the Pop Heel Brown Xuz ankle boots with Stars, which are star-shaped! On the other hand, you can also give the studs a new shape and place them more in the spotlight, as you can see with the Brown ankle boots with Studs, where they stand out more over their dark background. 

Ankle boots with glitter and lace


If you’re an absolute fan of the brand you must already know that there are booties with leather sole. The first pair has a leather sole and they may simple like simple booties, but if you notice they’ve a silver glittery star on the heel! If you prefer a more romantic outfit, then bet on these Lace Grey Xuz that, as their name implies, have a lace strip on each side and they’re in a slightly different colour, in this case grey. They look so lovely!

Ankle boots with frills


I’ve to confess; now it’s when we’ll see my favourite ankle boots! If before I wasn’t a fan of frills, I’m surely now! And the first Pop Heel Brown Xuz ankle boots are truly special since they’re an exclusive EscapeShoes edition!

If you prefer a lower heel, go with the Xuz ankle boots with Frills on the last picture, it was love at first step! They’ve the leather sole and are truly very comfortable as you walk, in addition of their frills offering a very romantic look to any outfit, not to mention the fact that they match with anything thanks to their dark colour. See? They only have advantages! It’s no wonder that they’ve been flying off the shelves as if they had wings! If you’d like to have and still don’t have your very own pair, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, since these booties sell out fast!

All these Xuz ankle boots and many more from the new autumn / winter collection are already available on our website, but pay attention because you never know what other surprises you may find! However, you can only know for sure if you pay us a visit here at EscapeShoes!

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