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In 1920, way before even imagining it would ever make shoes, Palladium was crossing the skies in the shape of rubber wheels on planes piloted by the grand aviation pioneers. But it was in 1947, with the Pampa Boot that this brand became famous, and even more so two years later with the Pallabrouse model. And that was all thanks to the French Legion who chose them to face the inhospitable warzones. And they chose them due to all their fantastic characteristics: their comfort, resistance, sturdiness, lightness and their water resistant and easy to dry canvas.

Palladium Pallabrouse 1947 boots

Besides these inhospitable grounds, Palladium boots have been accompanying explorers to the top of volcanoes and families on their vacations as well.

The footing of a revolution

The unforgettable May of 1968, after the World War II, was marked in France by the fight for freedom. And, of course these boots couldn’t stay out of the revolution; inspiring students and helping them run more lightly from the police. In this way, they became a symbol of liberty in the creation of a new republic.

Palladium May 68 revolution

Yet, the revolution on the streets made its way to speed in the sports grounds and in the meanwhile they were dribbling basket balls all over the world and helped Patrice Dominguez, one of the greatest tennis players of his generation gather speed and victories in the tennis courts.

With the confidence that they gave to everyone who wore them, they rapidly became allies of avant-garde New Yorker cultures. Such as the artistic communities who loved to wear the black model with black clothes to create a very characteristically look. And they didn’t just stay in photography and painting; they also made their way to the music world. That happened in the 90’s, amidst the grunge movement, when the new Palladium colourful designs jumped to the middle of the crowd in concerts and the classic sturdy design gathered a huge fan base in the EDM underground movement. And, it kept its place in the music world through collaborations with such artists as Pharrell Williams.

It looks like Palladium had quite a way, and that is why we have told you a bit about its history and are still going to show you all the novelties that just came to our online shoe store. Come along and be a part of history with palladium!

Palladium Pallabrouse wax

We will start by showing you this brand’s classic model, the grey Pallabrouse Wax. This unisex canvas design fits perfectly to the environment characteristics, keeping your feet comfortable and at the right temperature. It was this simplicity that hooked New Yorkers, turning the Pallabrouse into one of the favoured designs of the grunge movement.

grey Pallabrouse Wax boots

Palladium Sport Cuff

If, on another hand, you are a fan of outdoor sports and you would rather have some more adventurous boots, then the brown or grey Palladium Sport Cuff is your match. Apart from their resistant canvas, these boots also have leather on the heel, toecap and part of the sides. In this way they can easily protect the most sensible areas of your feet while you are exploring the interior of a cave or hiking to the top of a mountain.

Palladium Sport Cuff

Palladium Pampa Hi Zip

And for the girls who love cute things, for this new season, Palladium has brought us the brown Pampa Hi Zip WL boots. In addition to the soft and velvety leather, they are also lined with a furry textile on their interior. They are just perfect to keep your feet warm. And the best thing about this model is that it is also available in grey and it looks wonderful with jeans, as you can see. And if that wasn’t enough, they also have a side zipper, apart from the shoelaces, to help you put them on easily.

Palladium Pampa Hi Zip

Palladium Low Cuff Leather

But if you still rather have a plain model with shoelaces and without a furry lining, you can choose the brown Palladium Low Cuff leather boots. They are very simple and practical, since their low model goes just until the ankle, and they are so comfortable that they will help you face any obstacle. And you can also have them in another colour, the grey Palladium Low Cuff Leather. They are not just discrete; they also have some smooth pink details that make them adorable. And what would you choose? You can choose one or the other; they are both beautiful and look great with pants or shorts for a more adventurous look.

Low Cuff Leather boots

The green footprint

Palladium has always tried to raise consciousness to matters that concerns us through their philosophical advertisement campaigns. That is why it is one of the pioneers using ecological materials prevenient of sustainable sources, such as bio cotton. And this is just one of many ways in which palladium tries to diminish their eco footprint.

That is why it has stayed strong with their timeless design for over seventy years, still resisting the passing of time and still on top of all the fashion trends. This is why this brand will keep on accompanying nature and urban explorers for a long time.

How about you? Don’t you want to join all of these pioneers and have some Palladium just for you? Of course you do! Come with us and we will tell you where you can get them right away!

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