The 6 best ankle boots

The 6 best ankle boots

Our favourite ankle boots!

The truth is I just realized I’m utterly obsessed with ankle boots! It may seem I did it on purpose, but it’s nothing like that! It was pure coincidence. As you can imagine, on this EscapeShoes blog post I’m going to show you 6 models of booties in very different styles. And why ankle boots? Because I consider that they’re comfortable footwear, which holds your ankles well, by also allowing them great freedom of movement. I love to wear them with skinny trousers and to know that I can also wear them with tights and a skirt or a dress to look more elegant. For a special occasion, I like to have a little bit of a high heel, but for the day-to-day life, I prefer flat simpler booties, they’re just perfect!

High heeled ankle boots

So, what do you think of these three? I could wear any one of them daily, without a doubt. However, these three pairs make me feel feminine, elegant and comfortable at any moment.


If you prefer dark colours, you can go with the Yellow Yoxi755 ankle boots in black from Fly London, or perhaps the Xuz ankle boots with Ruffles in dark brown. If you like contrast of colours and textures, the Tribal920 Chocolate ankle boots from Cubanas are ideal!

Flat ankle boots

Now we’re going to show you two other more relaxed models. They’re booties with more details and with side zippers so that they’re super easy to put on. Which ones do you prefer? Is it the Alma en Pena Crosta in camel, the MTNG Fausta Karma in brown or the Xti Chelsea Buckle in black?


What would you do if we asked you right now to choose the 6 best ankle boots from EscapeShoes? We want to know your answer! Take a look at your favourite brands and share with us your list of favourite shoes.

It’s hard to resist these impressive prices! You can be sure this is the best time to buy the ones that you like the most, for you and for the entire family. Therefore, seize this opportunity to place the online order of your ankle boots at EscapeShoes!

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