Timberland Yellow Boots

Timberland Yellow Boots

How to wear them?

Timberland’s Yellow Boots, everyone knows them! They’re practically a synonym of the brand! They’re iconic boots loved by all thanks to their rugged and practical design, but at the same time stylish. Both for men and women, these boots are ideal for casual outfits and a worthy addition to any wardrobe. Some may dismiss them as just mere mountain boots, since that was how they started, but true fashion experts can see their charm and create really amazing outfits. If you’re interested about how to wear your yellow boots or how it’s possible to raise their status from “mountain boots” to “fashion boots”, keep reading today’s EscapeShoes blog post, where we’ll give you a few suggestions that could appear in any catwalk. Let’s go!

Before we start, we’d like to inform, in case you want to get to know the history of this Timberland icon that we’ve a previous post about it that perhaps you want to take a look!

Without further ado, ladies first! Timberland’s women yellow boots may be slightly tough to imagine in a not so manly outfit due to their appearance. Of course if that’s the look you’re after there’s no problem, but it’s important to know that there are other options. Just look!


Denim’s always a “must”, but if you want to wear your boots in a more original way than with a simple pair of jeans, dungarees are also a good option, in addition of being a trend for this upcoming season. On the other hand, your clothes’ colour may assure that the boots are the vital point. Since they’re in such a bright colour like yellow, monochromatic outfits look great, and of course you don’t have to restrict yourself to just black and white! And most notably, don’t be afraid of wearing them with dresses! With the right dress, such as a short summer dress, you can do wonders!

Now for the men, some of these suggestions that we just mentioned are the same, but it’s best to see with your very own eyes!

Denim’s again your best friend! Jeans, shirts, jackets, practically everything looks great with these Timberland’s yellow boots. Monochromatic outfits are also always a good choice, and in case you’re one of those men that never knows what looks good with what, a completely black outfit’s easy and efficient! To finish, during the mid-season when you don’t feel like wearing so many layers like in winter, a good solution’s to match the yellow boots with Bermuda shorts. Do you like this alternative?

Of course you can’t try any of these outfits if you don’t have your very own Timberland yellow boots! Buy yours at the EscapeShoes online store and tell us how you’ll wear them. We can’t hardly wait!

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