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Today we are going to let you know about the most recent brand on our online store: Tommy Hilfiger shoes. Come and get to know it!

Tommy Hilfiger became famous in 1985 when he released his first male clothing line. But this great American fashion designer started way before that, when he inaugurated his first store, People’s Place, in 1969 in his hometown of Elmira, New York. Back then, Hilfiger was only a high school student.

With a young spirited mind, inspired by the nostalgia of the Americana inheritance and by pop culture, Hilfiger broke conventions, stereotypes and celebrated people’s individuality.

More than 30 years have gone by, all told in the pages of his memoir book “American Dreamer”, released in 2016, and Tommy Hilfiger remains the lead designer of the brand, overseeing and guiding all of the excellent creations made by his collaborators.

Since then he has created a lot of fashion lines, from clothing to home wear, without forgetting shoes, of course.

Tommy Hilfiger

It is precisely Tommy Hilfiger shoes that we are going to explore in today’s post. This brand has more than 30 years of existence but it has just come to EscapeShoes, having landed on our shores for the Autumn Winter 2019 season.

The most versatile shoes we can have are sneakers. They are practical, confortable, adaptable to a lot of situations and we can wear them in winter as well as summer. For this season we decided to premier Tommy Hilfiger with a retro sneaker line for men and women. Keep on reading to see what’s new!

– Tommy Hilfiger men sneakers

Tommy Hilfiger’s men sneakers have come in three models: the Flag Leather white sneakers, in a simple leather design embellished only by the blue, white and red flag that is the brand’s logo. This model’s particularity is in the shoe base that has New York’s silhouette engraved on it.

tommy hilfiger men sneakers

Next, we have the retro iconic models, the Tommy Hilfiger Iconic Runner in dark blue suede. Even though it may have a sportier design, they are still very adaptable to the day to day life. And then, the Tommy Hilfiger Flag Runner sneakers that are available in white and black. These sneakers sole is made of EVA foam so that each step is more comfortable and the typical brand flag in black and white looks good in any situation.

– Tommy Hilfiger women sneakers

For women, Tommy Hilfiger’s Autumn Winter collection has bet on the white colour and on casual women sneakers. Like Tommy Hilfiger Crystal Leather, although they may look simple, the flag stripes are made of sparkly stones, almost as if they were crystals. It is a beautiful touch that makes them the perfect sneakers to wear with suits, since that is a growing tendency that we had mentioned in a previous post.

casual women tommy sneakers

Since platforms never go out of style, this brand has also made some simple white platform sneakers, the Tommy Nylon Platform. In this case, the brand’s flag is in the tongue, half hidden bellow the shoelaces, but that doesn’t keep it from standing out.

But there are sporty models, like the Active City sneakers that are available in white and black. This model, made from a lot of different materials, is an excellent choice for sports or for any other activity.

sporty sneakers tommy

Last, but not least, Tommy released Retro designs, the Retro Crystal sneakers have a dark blue leather discrete design. But they also have small sparkly stones that make the flag. And the Tommy Hilfiger Retro available in burgundy or black also look sporty but are more casual, being very comfortable for a daily basis and look great with some jeans or even skirts.

Where to buy Tommy Hilfiger shoes

This brand’s sneakers are really special, don’t you think? We think so, that is why they are available on our online shoe store, especially for you. And only at a click’s distance. Now you don’t need to wait to get this brand’s most recent shoes, come to where you will find them. Go before they sell out!


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