Ugg Australia – Loved or Hated?

Ugg Australia – Loved or Hated?

Find out the reasons why Ugg Australia is a trend for any season!

Ugg Australia is one of those brands that seem able to divide the people’s opinion, in other words, there are some who like it and those who don’t. In my opinion, this is neither one thing nor the other. I adore it! And why not? This American brand is able to create such comfortable and beautiful models that are a real treat for your feet. And now it doesn’t limit itself to just winter footwear, having also a summer collection that includes flip-flops, flat shoes and sandals.

For example, just take a look at these wedge sandals! They are very elegant and stylish, but also provide the comfort that is already expected from this brand, thanks to their soft insoles. They also have very non-sticky outsoles and their straps are strategically placed in order to hold your feet in the most comfortable way possible. Surely, you will find a pair of Ugg sandals that are the best fit for you.

ugg australia sandals

And best of all is that you can buy your Ugg online at EscapeShoes! In addition to the sandals that we presented to you, we have many other models available in several sizes and colours, including the famous Ugg boots.

The Ugg boots are the ones that are exactly in the centre of this love-hate relationship that many people have for the brand. When these winter boots took the world by storm, appearing as fashion icons, used by celebrities worldwide, many people couldn’t understand why, seeing the boots only as simple slippers.

But the truth is that the Ugg boots are probably the most comfortable footwear that you will ever have in your closet and they are also able to keep your feet very warm during the coldest days of winter. And they also allow to match them with the most diverse pieces of clothing, like tight jeans or pants and a sweater, or even some leggings and a long coat. I would really like to show you my favourite models, but unfortunately there is no room, but I present to you some that I think you are going to like…

ugg australia boots

As you can see, there is a lot of variety, from tall to short boots, with buttons or without, with many decorative elements or simpler… The hardest will be to pick a pair!

So, were we able to convert you to be an Ugg Australia fan? Would you like to have one of these models of sandals or boots in your home? In that case, make your purchase online in a quick and secure way here at EscapeShoes. Take a good look, but hurry, because winter is just around the corner. 😉

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