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In today’s post we are going to talk about the All Star model. Despite or all the people who thinks that All Star is the brand of these iconic sneakers; in fact their creator is Converse. But, of course, their history is not only made of a small misinterpretation, there is a lot more to explore. Come with us and find out a bit more about the iconic design of one of the best sneaker brands!

A two century history

Converse was born in 1908 in Massachusetts, its birthplace was the Rubber Show Company shoe factory in the town of Maldens, and its father was Marquis Mills. Mills created the first All Star design with the main purpose to get into the sports world, especially in basketball.

Converse All Star 1917

And it was by this model that the basketball player Chuck Taylor fell in love with. He even became the brand’s ambassador, making this model reach the most important spots in the basketball scene.

Chuck Taylor

From sports to the arts world

In the 1960’s All Star sneakers go from the sports world directly to the middle of the streets. They were now used by youngsters and social groups fighting for their civil rights. They even made Hollywood’s spotlight when Elvis Presley or James Dean started wearing them. In the 1970’s, the punk movement established them as a landmark for counter-culture and rebel youngsters, for anything off of the traditional society standards. In the 1980’s, when big and bright were king, the plain All Start couldn’t stand out and faded away.

The grunge movement and the beginning of a new era

In the 1990’s the Grunge movement arises and with it this plain model gets a new life by being favoured by the biggest stars at the time. The goal was to wear shoes that matched the sloppy and careless typical look of this movement. Between their biggest influencers we could not forget to mention the legendary Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain

But still, in the beginning of the new millennium, Converse declared bankruptcy. And, soon after in 2003, Nike bought Converse. And this is how the All Star model got a new life and started to adapt to the ever changing fashion trends.

The evolution of All Star

Originally, All Star sneakers were made of canvas and two types of volcanic rubber; and their main goal was to protect sportsmen ankles. With Chuck Taylor’s collaboration and suggestions, Converse added canvas reinforcement on the back of the ankle, and included Chuck Taylor’s very own signature in them as well.

In 1957 the Oxford design came along, made from the same materials but with a low shaft, shoe like design.

Chuck Taylor All Star Oxford 1960

Up until the 1960’s the only available colours were black and white. But, by the request of various basketball teams, Converse made seven new colours to match their equipment.

In the 90’s there came new canvas’ patterns and drawings. Who could forget about the famous American flag design?

Vintage All Star American Flag

Nike’s golden touch

With Nike’s acquisition of the brand, these plain sneakers got new materials, now there are leather or crochet All Star, and there are models with small details like pearls or sequins.

Even though the canvas and the rubber never left, the biggest change was made in 2015. By this time, they maintained their look on the outside, but it was the inside that suffered the biggest change. They added a Lunarlon insole, a technology that Nike used on running and basketball sneakers for a better damping and foot support. They added micro-perforated suede to the lining and the tongue is now cushioned, the ankle was reinforced and the canvas is now more resistant. On the outside, only the eyelets had a little change, they were now matte in the same colour as the sneakers in some models, and the brand’s logo is embroidered instead of stamped and the sole is now slightly bigger. All of this just so they could become more comfortable.

How to match All Star

This design has been played in the sports world, has been associated to important social movements and has jumped from the movie screen to the music scene and made its way into the street arts scenario. With the 90’s revivalism they became the image of a lifestyle, it’s not them that makes you special, it is you that makes them special by wearing them.

Come check with us some looks you can match your All Star sneakers with!

Perfect looks for everyone

Practical and simple clothes, like some jeans, are always the best option for daytime. Of course some torn out jeans or shorts are an excellent choice as well, and you just need to add a blazer for a more formal look; all of this with some simple red All Star.

red All Star sneakers

And who says that sneakers don’t go well with skirts or dresses? Not if they are the black All Star sneakers, these look lovely with them! As you can see, they are a perfect match to a black dress, either short or long. Or with leather clothing, a light shin skirt or even a mini-skirt.

black All Star sneakers

Of course there are not just women amongst these sneakers fan base! For the big male fans, the timeless white design can be matched with a lot of looks. With some twill pants and a t-shirt beneath a shirt; that makes a great casual look. A blazer always adds a different tone. And if you match some navy blue All Star with jeans you will surely turn some heads.

men All Star look

As you can see, our love for this plain model is huge! Maybe that’s due to their simplicity. They are perfectly adaptable to any style and situation; they are timeless and conservative while being rebel at the same time.

All Star online

Converse has been with us for a while now and reached its peak in the 1990’s. Despite its decline, the recent 90’s revivalism brought them back to the world’s feet. It has become rare to find anyone who doesn’t have some Chuck Taylor All Star Converse. And, in spite of the various options, the favourite ones are still the oldies: the white All Star, the black ones and slightly younger red version.

All Star Oxford

With everyone looking for them, there came a lot of ways to buy them, but the best and more comfortable way to buy them at a great price is just a click away! That’s right! You just have to click on our website EscapeShoes and you will find an endless variety of All Star models and colours.

Besides the classic designs, you can choose amongst more modern versions, such as wedge All Stars. Have you imagined yourself walking on the air with some silver All Star? Or light pink? Or even in dark pink, they are beautiful, aren’t they?All Star Lift sneakers

If you don’t like the canvas, that’s alright! There are other lovely and super original choices. Like these perforated baby blue canvas. Or, how about some white crochet All Star? And the most recent arrival for all the rebel girls out there: white leather All Star with golden metallic studs. They are spectacular!

chuck taylor all star sneakers

What the future has in hold for us

That’s right! 2020 is right around the corner and its novelties as well, but unfortunately we cannot predict the future. But the rising concern about our planet and the destruction of its natural resources has made a lot of brands bet on environmental friendly shoes. And Converse is no exception to that! For the next year we will have super original, beautiful and eco-friendly sneakers made from recycled materials, such as plastic. Keep an eye out for them, they will be here really soon!

Converse Renew Cotton Chuck Taylor 2020

And because life is short to waist and must be lived to its fullest, jump on over to our online shoe store EscapeShoes and buy your Converse All Star!

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