Fila Disruptor II

Fila Disruptor II

The Italian brand Fila has been well known to the shoe world for over a century. And it has been a long and winding road, with a lot of ups and downs. But, with Fila Disruptor II, it finally made it through today and became one of the best sneaker brands, loved by millions of people.

In today’s post we are going to talk to you about a grown up model that only now started to gather its strength. We are talking about Fila Disruptor II; and, of course, we are going to give you a few hints on where to buy them.

The birth of a behemoth

Fila Disruptor sneakers were first created in 1996, but they never became significantly famous. Back then, the sneakers that easily hit the spotlight were basketball ones. That’s why the chunky Disruptor were rapidly left behind, being available only on selected stores.

In a time when sport was king, an underground subculture started to rise, apart from everything else: the raving scene. It was in this world of underground EDM parties that these bulky sneakers gathered their fan base. It was precisely their bulky sole and sturdy look that attracted this crowd.

fila disruptor II classic sneakers

But, with the beginning of the 21st century, the merges and acquisitions were more than plenty. And it was only in 2007, when Fila Korea acquired it that this brand started to make a stand in the sneaker design world. They even made collaboration with Pokémon to include these lovely creatures on their sneakers.

The return of the classics

In 2018, fashion trends turned their way back to the 90’s! The bulky and somehow clumsy designs were back in the game. At this point, Fila’s marketing team chose not to create a new model inspired by the 90’s, but instead they decided to look through their archive for what they could bring back to life.

It was like this that they found Fila Disruptor and started adding new materials, new colours and new trends. It was all of this that gave birth to Fila Disruptor II!

Even though this model was originally planned for a sporty look, as we can see on the brand’s campaign shots, they were easily adaptable to the new trends, new styles and looks that came up.

How to style Disruptor II?

We are going to give you now some style options to match with your Fila sneakers. For our first option we have a sporty casual look. If you like the comfort of sports clothes but still want to feel feminine, you can go for a big sweater. This sweater dresses trend is here to stay; it is practical, comfortable and fitting for a day at work or a casual occasion. And even better with these white Fila sneakers!

For men, their style options are much more practical, just like them. Just put on some pants and a t-shirt and off you go! But with these Fila you can update any look and grab some retro or fabric pants to create a more laidback look.

Nowadays, we like to feel comfortable and nothing better than wearing a pair of jeans! Just match them with a blouse and put on your Disruptor II! And the best part is, if you look closely, they look great with a long jacket, which is unusual in the sneaker world.

look fila disruptor II white

One of the colours used to update this design was beige. We can see how these beige Disruptor match perfectly with some simple training pants. Or the golden Disruptor, that goes pretty well with the typical jeans look.

look fila disruptor II

But yet, the best is to develop and adapt the sneakers to your style, after all we are all different and there are a lot of options to any possible liking.

Buying Fila sneakers

The great difference between Fila Disruptor II and other similar sneakers from other brands is that they are much more affordable. Everyone can have them!

And where can I buy my Fila sneakers? Good question! There are a lot of ways for you to buy your favourite Disruptor. And one of them, of course, is on your favourite online shoe store: EscapeShoes! Come along and see the designs we have available just for you!

Besides the usual black and white sneakers, the beige and the golden we already shown you, there are a few other sweet designs.

As strong colours are in fashion right now, nothing better than some sweet pink Fila, that are simultaneously strong and soft. Like these two sneakers:

fila disruptor II sneakers

The pink Fila Disruptor carries a sweetness that goes along with a lot of colours, like blue, brown or white. We can almost see our inner child in them.

And the salmon Disruptor has various shades of pink that are very soft and sweet. We all love to wear these spring time colours.

There is another white Fila design that is a little different! At first sight they look plain white but then we start to notice the blue, grey and yellow shades. Don’t they look like those swirly marshmallows? They will almost certainly be a treat to your feet!

Fila Disruptor II marshmallow grey

Fila – an ever evolving brand!

By creating these new designs, Fila gained the right to compete with the other big brands and Disruptor II went on to be the most sought out sneakers in London. Even though they now have a lot of colourful designs, these sneakers were originally created for men. But things change and now it is amongst women that they rule. And the favourite design is still the timeless white Disruptor II.

Fila Disruptor II white sneakers

With this rebirth, Fila achieved a perfect balance between the past, present and the future. And that is how it made its way to spotlight and will keep on being there for a long time.

If you like all these models just go to and buy your favourite! And the best thing is that there are a lot of new Disruptor II designs on their way! Keep an eye out for them!




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