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fila disruptor

You certainly already know the Fila brand, an Italian brand that got its name thanks to the nickname of its creators. Currently, this brand is present in more than 50 countries on 7 continents, its success is undeniable!

We found this video very informative about the evolution of this brand:

But in this post we will approach the presence of this brand in Portugal, show you the various options it has with regard to its models and let you know a little better this new trend of thick soles.

The brand has already arrived in Portugal and, here too, they have been a success! The Fila has several products and several models of footwear, from sportswear, sandals or sneakers … But the truth is that sneakers have a special highlight.Their sneakers are different from the ordinary, known for their high and robust sole.They make a difference and don´t go unnoticed, however, even so, they guarantee a very satisfactory comfort.


fila disruptor portugal

The return of the classics

The truth is that these models aren´t new, not even in Portugal. A few years ago, yours already used this type of footwear a lot. Fashion is cyclical, what has been on the rise before, always is back! And if you didn’t arrive in time at that time, enjoy it now, the Fila sneakers are back, and here to stay!

Lately, several brands have been inspired by thick and striking soles.An example of this is Timberland with its Delphiville model, among many other brands that bet on this trend.The adhesion has been incredible, and it´s easy to see why, these models are quite versatile, both combine with a sportier look and with an option for the day-to-day. It all depends on how you combine them!

timberland Delphiville

The versatility of sneakers

Even in a work context, in Portugal, sneakers starts to gain more and more space.Nowadays it´s already a very frequent choice in the daily life of workers.It´s possible to combine them with formal clothes, without losing the air arranged and care, obtaining an extra comfort in relation to the footwear frequently used.

We know that not all companies adapt to this reality, but we are on a good path!

Fila Disruptor

To complement this post, we recommend that you watch the following video:

This is a review of one of the best selling models of Fila, Fila Disruptor. One of the points highlighted is the fantastic quality-price ratio of this product. With excellent quality materials, such as leather, and a very affordable price considering the product presented.

These sneakers have special details such as the fact that the laces are inserted in individual leather loops, or even the small details with the brand logo! There´s no doubt that the brand took pains in the details and the result was this model that makes a difference!

How to combine

Fila’s classic is the well-known white sneakers. White is really the most versatile, great for a more casual look, but also able to complement a work suit, for example. Whatever your choice, be sure to combine comfort with the style you need!

fila disruptor masculinos


However, it also has options such as black, which are equally easy to combine, or even less common colors like light pink or beige. Simple and little flashy colors, ideal to match plain, white or black pieces!

fila disruptor femininos

Even so, do you have doubts on how to use this trend of Fila? Let’s give you some ideas, for a formal, casual or sporty look, so that you have plenty of options! For a more formal occasion, try pairing them with a monochrome suit or pattern. For a casual look, the jeans don´t fail and we are sure it will rock, and you can even adapt the top of the outfit to the occasion! Finally, for a sportier option, try your favorite tracksuit. As you can see, there is no reason to stay out of this trend!

fila disruptor femininos

It´s seen that, in Portugal, this brand already has a marked place! For both men and women, it has been a trend in the most different contexts! Don’t miss out, enjoy and order your Fila now in our online store!

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