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fly london sandals

This Portuguese brand, identified by the icon of the fly, became known in Portugal, for the famous sandals compensated with cork midsole, at a time when the corkscrews in Portugal opened doors to options other than just corks.Fly London takes advantage of this innovative idea to provide you with innovative models, with excellent quality and comfort.

Escapeshoes, always concerned with their style and well-being, has selected a vast collection that they cannot be indifferent to. Come and see what’s new in Spring Summer 2020!

Fly London shoes Spring Summer 2020

– Idra Gove


Fly london

For the hottest days ahead, we present the Idra Gove model of this brand, known for its plywood soles and cork wedge. It offers you a wide range of colors, so you can choose according to your tastes!

This model is great to match your jeans or shorts, but also with a cool summer dress! Young and irreverent, available in silver, black and in a color version. Which ones will you choose?

– Idra Gano


fly london

Also in the Idra line that Fly London offers us, this Gano model, with a strap to adjust around the ankle, allows you more safety on the floor.You will feel in the clouds! Available in several colors so that you have no problems when choosing.

Even with all the elegance that this model offers you, it still guarantees all the comfort through its resistant, comfortable and compensated sole!

– Cupido Yaci


Fly London

This Cupid Yaci model from Fly London was really waiting for the sun. These sandals, so fresh and comfortable due to the EVA sole and very practical to wear. Available in dark blue, ligh blue and red. A t-shirt with your favorite shorts and is ready for the long-awaited outing outdoors!

If you prefer an even more relaxed option, we suggest, also from the Cupido line, the Yabo model, very similar to the previous one but without the ankle strap, available in preto and vermelho. Choose your favorite model now and live the summer in the best way!

– Cupido Yuna


fly london

The Cupido Yuna model stands out for its wedge-shaped rubber sole.The excellent quality of manufacture, materials and finishes, combined with the exclusive design of Fly London, will never let you down. Being a young brand, any age group will be able to surrender to these models.

Why not chosse for a more classic model, but at the same time with a touch of irreverence? A jump, but comfortable and available in several colors, choose your favorite and rock the next seasons!


Fly London Bags

And to match the shoes and complement the look, nothing better than a suitcase, practical and elegant at the same time! Let us show you some of the models of this Spring Summer 2020 collection!

First of all, we present you the Dask model from Fly London, it´s an excellent bag for any occasion, of medium size and with interior pockets to facilitate better organization. Available in beije, white or black, it will be the quick and practical option for any look.

mala fly london

However, if you prefer spacious bags, choose for the Kale model. It has more generous dimensions, allowing you to take everything you might need. With a youthful design, you can combine it with a style that is both formal and informal. In white or brown. Which one will you choose?


mala fly london


Now that you know all the Spring Summer 2020 news from Fly London, make your choices and rock!


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