Melissa and Melflex


Sabe o que é o Melflex?

Do you know what Melissa’s main secret is? We unravel: it’s her stuff! Melissa and Melfex are inseparable and it´s precisely this incredible raw material that gives the models great durability and quality. We tell you all about the Melissa and Melfex brand relationship.

Let’s start at the beginning, with the birth and course of the brand, to understand where Melflex comes from. This story is 40 years old and was born with the Grendene brothers who owned a factory that produced plastic packaging for wine bottles.

Irmãos Grendene, Fundadores da Melissa

As they specialized in this material and realized its advantages, they considered the possibility of using it in the manufacture of footwear. So, at the end of the 70s, they created the Melissa brand, with the first plastic sandals!

They had almost immediate success and the material they are made of was the main reason. They become easy to keep clean (just wipe with a damp cloth and dry) and super versatile. We all know the end of history (at least to this day) and how this innovative idea gave rise to one of the most recognized footwear brands in the industry.

Melissa & Melflex

Melflex… What is this Melissa material?

If you’ve ever had Melissa shoes in your hands, you must have noticed their special scent. Know that it is precisely Melfex, the material from which they are made, that gives them this smell. But then, what exactly is Melflex?

It´s a material made from PVC with an exclusive formulation by Melissa. Even the formula for its pleasant aroma is a closely guarded secret that cannot be replicated by other brands! However, Melissa’s Melflex has many other advantages besides its smell, namely being:

  • Thermo-moldable – Its incredible molding ability allows you to create various designs, from the simplest to the most sophisticated;
  • Hypoallergenic – The occurrences of allergic reactions or skin irritations are minimal in contact with this material;
  • 100% recyclable – It does not contain any toxic component in the raw material or in the manufacturing process. In fact, 99% of the material used to create a pair of Melissas is recycled in the factory;
  • Incredibly malleable and resistant at the same time – it not only adapts to your feet right away, but also provides great durability.

Thanks to its technology and technique, this Brazilian brand is able to create ballerinas, sandals, shoes and many other types of footwear and accessories that range from the most elegant to the most practical, but always in style.

New Collection 2022

The brand proved, once again, to be attentive to the main trends and adapted to the most sought after styles, investing in appliqués that give a unique appearance even to the simplest models. Whether you prefer bolder or simpler models, smooth or with appliqués, brighter or more neutral colors, there are options for all tastes!

Shapes and Ties

It has always been a brand image and Melissa continues to focus on ties. It presents new models, with bows in greater and lesser prominence.

An example of this are the models Ultragirl Sweet XXII Preto 33680.AD373 or Dora Jason Wu Bege 33604.AB883, which have bows of different sizes, one more exuberant and one more discreet, but both extremely versatile.

Melissa laços

Bet in the appliqués

It’s one of Melissa’s big bets, which knew how to perfectly fit the main appliqués on her flat shoes. If she likes to complement her looks with a spring touch of butterflies, the Ultragirl Fly III Lilas Transparente 33636.AC004 and the Ultragirl Fly III Verde Transparente 33636.AC002 are the best for you and your outfits.

Melissa apliques


For a bolder and super trendy look, the brand brings more colorful ballerinas than usual, with stronger colors that make a difference and take the lead in the looks.

So, the Dora Jason Wu Rosa 33604.AB887 or the Ultragirl Basic II Amarelo are a reflection of that and an excellent choice for the most irreverent.

Melissa cor


Sneakers and Boots

Melissa arrived in Autumn/Winter 2022 with very different proposals than usual. The brand brings more irreverent models, maintaining its identity.

The Pink Boogie 33576.AC509 sneakers or the Black Coturno 32822.51989 boots are an example of this and promise to give Melissa a new lease of life in the colder seasons.

Melissa ténis e botas


Well, it will be difficult to choose, but nothing like trying your favorite model and adapting it to your lifestyle. Do you already know where to find your Melissa? You don’t need to go any further, it’s just a click away, right here at the EscapeShoe online store.


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