Merrell technology

Merrell technology

To thrive wherever you may go!

Anyone who is already well acquainted with Merrell should know that the brand often includes carefully selected technologies in its footwear to help you adapt and perform better when you participate in its outdoor activities, whether it’s hiking in the mountains or a city tour.Today, on the blog, we are going to give you the opportunity to learn a little more about these technologies and what makes Merrell footwear one of the best!

However, as this American brand uses several technologies, we will focus on those that are more likely to appear. We will not address the Vibram technology, as it does not only belong to Merrell, but can be found in footwear from other brands, such as Timberland.

M-Select FRESH


This technology refers to a treatment to which the insole undergoes that eliminates sweat and bacteria that cause bad odor in a natural way through reactive and harmless agents that eliminate perspiration when in contact with natural enzymes. In other words, with this insole, your feet will always be fresh and dry! Almost all Merrell models have this technology, including, among others, the Rant, Waterpro Maipo, Siren Sport and Edge sneakers, and Chameleon Stretch and Flux sneakers.

M-Select GRIP

We believe you can tell right away with the video above, but this technology is in the sole. This sole is constructed so that you can always have a safe and highly non-slip ride, regardless of weather conditions or terrain. Whether it’s wet, dry or a little of both, when you step on the ground with the M-Select GRIP you’ll find that debris is hardly stuck on the sole thanks to its embossing. It is a technology that Merrell has increasingly invested in and you can already find it in the latest Rant models as well as in Salida Trekker sneakers.

Air Cushion

air crushion

This technology is found in the midsole, as illustrated in the image above, and serves to cushion the impact and increase its stability with every step. Think of the Air Cushion as an air cushion that cushions the weight of your foot, whether it’s at high speed like running or at low speed like just walking. This is great as it makes your joints effortless than necessary, and best of all, you can hardly find a Merrell model without this technology!

Q-Form Comfort


Now it’s just for the ladies! It’s true, Merrell has developed a midsole for its women’s footwear that specifically takes into account a woman’s walking. It is a fact that women are anatomically different from men, but unfortunately these differences are often overlooked. Thanks to the Q-Form Comfort midsole, this won’t be a problem! You can rest assured that she will have the cushioning and support she needs to ensure she has a balanced, natural walk and her feet are always comfortable.

Spring/Summer Collection 2021

Merrell women`s sneakers

Ténis mulher Merrell

The female models of Merrell’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection follow the usual lines of Merrell sneakers. However, they bet on a sportier style and with fresher fabrics and materials, to facilitate its use in warmer seasons. This season, the brand even bet on some brighter tones and more different from what is characteristic, such as sea blue or pink.

The models in the image are, from left to right, the Alpine Erica, the Alpine Laurel the Alpine Sneaker Burlwood. The three models are quite similar and adapt to a more urban, casual and/or sporty style, being, therefore, extremely versatile and comfortable.


Merrell men´s sneakers

Ténis Homem Merrell

The models in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection are similar to the models we are used to seeing. Thus, they are models with sporty lines, suitable for rougher terrain, which invites you to walk in the countryside or in the city.

Despite the similarities to the usual models, the brand opted for cooler fabrics and materials, for use in the warmer season, and with a focus on warmer tones, such as orange and yellow.

The models pictured are, from left to right, the Alpine Sneaker Ebony, the Wildwood Aerosport Rock and the Catalyst Suede Brindle.The three models adapt to either a more urban style or a more rural and hiking style, and are therefore extremely versatile and comfortable.


So, you already know that if what you want is to buy comfortable sneakers made of the best quality materials, choose Merrell. Among its designs you’ll find some ideal for day-to-day in the city, others fantastic for nature walks… Well, yeah! All are really versatile and perfect for all styles! And remember that you can have your own pair by placing your order online at EscapeShoes. Enjoy now, they are just a few clicks away!

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