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People are increasingly considering the importance of footwear in their daily lives and Portuguese shoe brands respond in an exemplary way to this challenge. There is also a growing environmental awareness that gives more importance to the place of origin and method of production of footwear, taking into account the use of quality, recycled and non-animal materials.

Despite the variety of models that come to us every day and from all over the world, Portuguese shoe brands are still our favorites. This is due to the use of national raw materials, of high quality and originating from nature, but also due to the dedication with which these brands keep alive the traditions of the art of footwear. It was this commitment by the brands and the recognition of Portuguese quality that led to an increase in the export of Made in Portugal.

In this article, we are going to show you some original and high quality Portuguese shoe brands that have already established a name in the international fashion scene.

Get in the spirit with this video and feel proudly Portuguese for the national production seal to be found in brands like the ones we will present below.


It´s Cuba’s social-historical heritage that inspires  Cubanas‘ timeless models. The aim is to convey the emotions and warmth of Cuba through different patterns, textures and colors. There are options for all tastes, adapting to all occasions and seasons.

Below, we give some examples that illustrate several of the most recent models available from the brand and that will surely be good options to add to your looks and moods.



The diversity of Cubanas models is, in fact, one of their strengths. In this brand, you can find sandals, sneakers, ankle boots, shoes, clogs, among others. Thus, you will have a lot to choose from and you will be able to choose models according to your needs and the seasons.

For the hot seasons, we cannot fail to highlight the  Darci 110 Gold, high-heeled sandals in which gold is the protagonist and the source of elegance and glamour. If you want something more comfortable, the You 110 Pink or the Gota 200 White sneakers will undoubtedly be good options and will perfectly complement more sporty and informal looks, but also looks that are a little more careful.

Fly London

Despite being created in the United Kingdom, Fly London is currently based in Portugal and all its manufacture is carried out in Portugal, often using Portuguese materials. Above all, it excels in the quality and originality of the models it proposes.

At EscapeShoes, we have new models that you’ll love, to face the hottest seasons and, at the same time, make a splash with the footwear you’ve chosen for your feet.


Fly London

The brand maintains its bet on its classic models, but always manages to give it a different touch, don’t you think? The use of leather as the main raw material makes the shoes extremely comfortable and allows the shoes to mold to the shape of your foot to make you, every day, happier with your choice of shoes. Examples are the Emmy 510 Dublin White Nude Mynt sneakers, super comfortable and with durable, quality materials, and the classic sandals Geta 855 Mousse Black or the Gumy 777 Luxor Black.

Wedges are also Fly London’s trademark. Initially because of the Portuguese cork used in the traditional wedge sandals, and now we can also see that the rubber sole does not rest completely on the floor like other shoes. It’s because? So that the shoe perfectly follows the movement of the foot with each step you take. Thus, the brand proves that it remains original and scores points with the attention it gives to every detail for the greatest comfort of the customer.


This Portuguese brand is inspired by sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials to create comfortable shoes that adapt to all ages and that, above all, bring a breath of fresh air to the feet. The brand’s models use materials such as cork or fabric and rubber.

Thus, there are several types of footwear that this brand brings to its customers, from closed shoes, such as the Care Recycled Elastic Dhalia Oran, to more elegant flip-flops, such as the Fuse Cork Biofiber Sweetpink, or more traditional lines, such as the Feel Rubber Strape Black.



The models vary in colors and formats, but remain faithful to their mission of providing well-being above all, each with its own charm and special touch.


With almost 20 years of existence, Ruika  is a brand that bets on different patterns, colors and styles, following the trends of the international fashion world.

For this, it uses quality materials, with different patterns and textures. The models below are examples of the versatility and quality of this national brand. You can choose ankle boots with classic lines, such as the more discreet but elegant Camurça Areia 11 or even more glamorous sneakers, but with elegant, urban and modern lines, such as the Pele Laminado Menta.



In these Spring/Summer models, Ruika also bets on quality materials and details, such as suede, metallic studs and metallic tones.

Lemon Jelly

The great Portuguese wellies brand is Lemon Jelly, already well known and appreciated by the female public.This brand already has a few decades on the market and a few innovation awards on the shelf. And, as it is environmentally friendly, it uses 100% vegan products and has a line made of recycled plastic. What’s more, it’s also the attention they pay to the details of their original creations that attract fans from all over the world.

The models in the new collection are an example of this, as they maintain the brand’s original lines, but bet on original and differentiating details.


Lemon Jelly

And do you know that lemon is not just in the name? All the shoes of this brand have a pleasant lemon scent, which allows you to always walk fragrant!


These are just some of the Portuguese shoe brands available at  EscapeShoes. And soon, many news will appear, as always! So stay tuned to our online shoe store.


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