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People care more and more about what they wear and no country is an exception. Even though we are swarmed every day with brands and new models from all over the world, Portuguese shoe brands are still favourite. Maybe because their high quality and based on nature raw materials. Or by the love with which they keep their shoe handcraft traditions alive. It was all of this that led to the rising export of Made in Portugal shoes.

Today we are going to show you some original and high quality Portuguese brands that have already made their way to the international fashion world.


It’s Cuba’s social-historical property that inspires these timeless Cubanas’ models. Their purpose is to convey Cuba’s heat and emotions through different patterns, textures and colours. There are options made for all likings fit for any occasion and season.

Among them there are espadrilles that bring all the comfort and freshness of sneakers to a plain shoe model. Check these gold Cubanas espadrilles, they are so fresh and bright. They’re perfect to wear with light dresses, pants or shorts in Summer or on those hot Autumn days.

Cubanas gold espadrilles

Another highlighted Cubanas model are Cabanas Cult. With a lot of available models, these super comfortable wedge sandals are the grand favourite amongst all Cubanas lovers.

Cubanas wedge sandals

But, since rainy days are on their way, we couldn’t let Cubanas women wellies on the side. There are models so simple with different colours that are almost mistaken with plain ankle boots, they are very original!

Cubanas women wellies

Fly London

Even though Fly London was created in the United Kingdom, their main office and all their manufacture is made in Portugal. Like cork wedge Fly London sandals, see how out of the ordinary they are.

Fly London cork wedge sandals

Each one is prettier than the other! And because they are made of cork, a very Portuguese material, they are very comfortable and will keep your feet cool on those hot summer days.

Another favourite model are these rubber wedge shoes. Have you noticed that the wedge doesn’t go all the way down to the ground like other shoes. And why is that? That is so that the shoe fits perfectly to your feet every movement, almost as if you glided. It is very original and another point in favour of our comfort.

Fly London rubber wedge shoes


This Portuguese brand gets inspired in this countries shoemaking traditional art, by using old handcrafting techniques to create their unique and original models.

Xuz grand favourites are wooden clogs. And it is by the hand of artisans that these beautiful shoes are molded, sculpted and embellished with all kind of materials. Always with a lot of love and care, as we can see in these beautiful models.

Xuz wooden clogs

As each one is different from the previous one, each has its charm and small special touch, none of them gets left behind.

But there are more original and different models, like these snipped pattern high heel ankle boots. Or the unusual frill on these small heel ankle boots.

Xuz women ankle boots

Xuz is not only made of clogs and ankle boots! For the next Autumn Winter 2019 season there are a lot of warm novelties coming for your feet. Always with all the love from Xuz.


With almost 20 years of existence, Ruika is one of the best portuguese shoe brands by betting on different colourful styles and patterns, always keeping up with international fashion trends.

For that, it uses high quality materials with different patterns and textures, like these original platform sandals. Besides being super fun for summer, they have strong colours like mustard and the wild zebra pattern.

Ruika coloured platform sandals

Or these romantic lace wedge sandals or these with an exotic piton skin pattern.

Ruika sandals

Besides these Summer models, Ruika also adds suede’s quality to its models. As you can see in these flat ankle boots: one with a perforated texture; and another one with piton skin on its ankle. And they will be here just in time for Autumn.

Ruika suede ankle boots

Lemon Jelly

We have already mentioned women wellies, but the grand wellies expert is Lemon Jelly. This brand already has some decades of existence and a few innovation awards on its shelf. And, because it is environment friendly, it uses 100% vegan products and has a collection made with recycled plastic. Besides that, it is also the attention they give to the details of their original creations that attracts fans all over the world.

As you can see in these wellies: frilled elastics, a sweet velvet pink bow and, of course, a buckle with pompoms on some oil blue wellies.

lemon jelly wellies

And did you know that lemon is not just in its name? That’s right, all of their shoes have a pleasant lemon scent! That will keep you always perfumed!

These are just some of the Portuguese shoe brands available at EscapeShoes. And soon more novelties will come just in time of the Autumn breeze. So, keep an eye out on our online shoe store!

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