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UGG Australia

UGG Australia is known worldwide for its sheepskin boots. However, do you know exactly what are the materials used for the base of all its models? Today on the EscapeShoes post, we explain to you this and also the role that each of their components has and how that differentiates them from other similar boots. You will see that they’re strategically designed to give your feet a special care and to increase the durability of the boots. You just need to click here to learn more!

The Boots UGG Australia brand, which turned 40 in 2018, is world renowned for its sheepskin boots which are the most sought after of the coldest season. Do you know what sets them apart and guarantees their success year after year? We leave you a clue: the materials used to manufacture all models are unique and of unrivaled quality.

In today’s post, we explain which materials are used, as well as the function that each of its components has and how this differentiates them from other boots.  Ugg Australia are strategically designed to give your feet special care and increase the durability of the item. Known worldwide for its sheepskin boots, this brand is practically synonymous with comfort and quality.

However, you may have also noticed that there are other similar boots on the market, so what really sets UGGs apart from others? In short, their biggest differences are related to the quality and durability of their articles.

But how are these two factors guaranteed? Basically it depends on the type of materials used during its manufacture and the care of every detail, something that this American brand (and not an Australian, as many people think) always takes into account when creating each of its models. And this special care is visible both in their simplest boots and in those with more details.

History and Main Features of Ugg Australia

There were essentially three factors that caught the attention of customers, but one, in particular, made a difference and we’re about to get to know it. When trying out a UGG, these three factors may not seem obvious at first, but in the long run, you’ll be glad you made an investment in the brand.

Ugg Australia

Foram, essencialmente, três os fatores que captaram a atenção dos clientes mas um, em particular, fez a diferença e já vamos conhecê-lo. Quando experimentar umas UGG, estes três fatores podem não parecer óbvios à primeira vista mas, a longo prazo, ficará feliz por ter feito um investimento na marca.



This is perhaps the element that most characterizes the UGG Australia. In fact, its footwear is based on the ugg boots, which are a model used long before the creation of the brand. However, this type of boot had a more practical function, being only designed to combat the cold. The Ugg Australia brand has gone further. It combined their more practical use in combating the cold and elevated their aesthetics, making them also an international fashion icon!

Sheepskin has always characterized this shoe, which is a very special skin because it is considered to be in “group A”, which proves its quality. It’s also what makes it so dense and smooth and allows you to keep your feet dry.

Unlike other identical boots, this sheepskin is double-sided. What does this mean? That the outer skin is an integral part of the inner hair, that is, they are joined together, without the need for seams or glue. This is often not the case with boots from other brands, as they usually stick the fur to the outer skin and this reduces the durability and external appearance of the final product.

Another advantage of double-sided leather is that it allows you to keep your feet ventilated. You can wear these boots without socks and you can be sure they won’t cause you to sweat.

Ugg Australia pele ovelha


The soles of UGG Australia boots are generally made of EVA, ie Satin Vinyl Foam. It´s a type of synthetic foam that stands out for its flexibility and impact absorption. To see more information about this type of material here.

UGG doesn’t stop there and makes sure that its soles are especially thicker and shaped to increase durability, while always maintaining the suppleness that characterizes them. In fact, they’re so flexible that they can be easily bent with your hand and quickly snap back to their original shape.

Another feature of these soles is their relief in the area that is in contact with the ground. Its design reminds us of an image of a sun, with the brand name in the center, and is what provides the grip you need when walking. Soon, you will be able to take every step safely!

Ugg Australia sola espuma EVA



UGG Australia boots have an element that seems quite simple, but it´s one more guarantee of their durability. And this element refers to the heel. The heel area is specially reinforced, in order to avoid the appearance of creases during use and also to prevent the deformation of the barrel, which can occur in lower quality boots.

It´s usually in this area that you will find the brand’s logo, made up of a rectangle of fabric, metal, suede or any other material, with the name in the center.



All the features that make up this shoe ensure the comfort of your feet and the durability of each item. There will always be a guarantee of your long-term well-being! It is also relevant to say that UGG Australia boots are cruelty free, with the brand having dedicated a section on the website with questions and answers, thus explaining how you get the skin and hair of sheep.

Now you know what the base will be for your feet when you’re walking in your own sheepskin boots. Still don’t have yours? At EscapeShoes you can buy online the UGG Australia that you like best online. And with so many different models, including classics, with bows, buttons, diamonds, among others, there is a lot of variety to choose from! What are your favorites? We’ve left you three suggestions for the new collection, just to whet your appetite 🙂

New collection 2020

The new collection is awesome and fits in with the main trends of this season, namely the use of appliqués, as is the case of the first model in the image with chain and pompom or the use of animal pattern, as is the case of the black tigress (also available in brown). It is still considered IN the simple bet on neutral tones with discreet but elegant appliqués, as are the last ones with taller barrels. Will you be able to resist?


Fall/Winter 2021 News


For this Fall/Winter 2021, the brand has brought several novelties, from more classic models of the brand, such as the Classic Mini Side Logo Chestnut and the Mini Bailey Glitz Chestnut,despite bringing small notes that make a difference and add novelty.

In addition to these models with more usual lines, the brand brings some different and unexpected models, such as the Sidnee Black Leather, with a more military style, the Nuray Chestnut Suede, with a sportier style, the irreverent Classic Clear Mini Natural Black and the Harrison Lace Chestnut Suede, with more formal lines.


Are you curious and wanting to experience the comfort and super warm feet? So don’t waste time Visit us and buy your UGG Australia Boots.


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