Autumn Winter 2019 fashion trends

tendencias outono inverno 2019

Every woman likes to feel beautiful and modern, that’s why we are always on the look for the most recent trends. Whether in clothes, accessories or colours, we like to keep an eye out for what’s happening on the most important catwalks of the fashion world. And in the matter of shoes, we also want the newest models, that’s why we are going to give you a few hints on the Autumn Winter 2019 fashion trends.

2019 in colours

For this year, the highest bets were on strong and avant-garde colours, like neon. This is an on-going trend for Autumn Winter 2019, by using colours such as pepper red or peach pink. And, of course, the classical colours like grey or sky blue are always present.


autumn winter 2019 colours

In terms of shoes, colours go from black, dark and camel brown. Another trend are animal prints, that took a walk from our clothes and started to come up on our shoes.

Autumn Winter 2019 sneakers

This year we witnessed an 80’s and 90’s revival. The classic jeans made their way back into fashion and so did flannel shirts. And wouldn’t these look great with sneakers? Better yet if they’re platform!

Check these Fila Disruptor sneakers, for example, a model from that time. And the strong colours like golden or the soft pink go along with blue jeans.

Fila Disruptor sneakers

But it’s not only women who deserve to have their feet up in the fashion world; men have a right as well!

For that, Timberland bet on these comfortable sneakers, the Retro Runner. Precisely with some of the season colours: red, grey and dark blue. Strong and bold colours in a classic model, made to run around town or for casual situations, all with Timberland’s brand of quality.

Timberland sneakers

As we had already mentioned, animal prints always had a strong fan base in clothing, and now they shoes by assault.

animal print Cubanas sneakers

By adding an animal print to suede’s quality, Cubanas created this model in black and camel brown. They are so original and comfortable and have a snake skin pattern you can match with peach pink or red, for example. And, because they don’t have any shoelaces, they are super practical and look great with skinny jeans or loose pants for a sportier casual look.

Women wellies to avoid getting caught in the rain

Forewarned is forearmed! That’s why there’s nothing better than some modern and feminine wellies to protect us from the cold rain of winter. And there are a lot of beautiful models!

Check these black Hunter wellies, for instance, they have a high shaft with a geometrical pattern or this plain model with a buckle. They are super trendy and go along pretty well with a beige or grey rain coat.

black Hunter wellies

Lemon Jelly is another great brand in this matter. Lemon Jelly wellies are extremely comfortable and have a textile elastic, in one of them is simple and in the other one is furrowed at the top. They are great to wear with tight jeans or some winter shorts.

lemon jelly elastic women wellies

Cubanas is a brand with a large amount of choices when it comes to shoes, from sandals to boots. And of course, women wellies are no exception.

Besides the basic model in black or blue, this brand brings us a camel model. They not only protect us from rain but also have a beautiful colour that makes them look like plain ankle boots.

cubanas wellies

Texanas – something new is on its way!

One of the trends for the oncoming season are women cowboy boots. This classical model has always fascinated us. You can have simple boots or some with very beautiful and original patterns. There are high shaft ones, high heeled or flat. Undoubtedly, there are boots for any liking.

Xuz and Ruika are two high quality Portuguese brands. And for Autumn Winter 2019, of course they could not let this trend slip away. Keep an eye out for the surprising novelties about to come to our online store!


Flat ankle boots – Autumn’s choice!

Flat ankle boots are just perfect for those who like to keep their feet on the ground. There are a lot of choice colours, like camel, beige or black. And they always look good with a long coat or a mesh knit dress. And why not joining them with one of this season’s greatest trends: pajamas and gowns. They will look really fun!

Ruika’s quality and originality is well known, so don’t forget to look out for their new Autumn Winter 2019 ankle boots.

Another brand that will soon give us a new beautiful collection is Xti. It always creates different patterns and metallic details for unusual creations. Xti’s new collection is almost here!

These are the great Autumn Winter 2019 trends! Go to to warm up to these brand novelties we already have available and, of course, keep an eye out for those that are coming!


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