The new satin All Star sneakers!

Surely you’ve already heard of Converse, right? Very likely you even already have one or more pairs of these famous Converse All Star! Since 1908 it creates the most recognizable trainers worldwide, standing out for their unmatchable comfort and urban style. From the classic white All Star and the black All Star, even to the so requested platform All Star, it’s hard to not fall in love with its shoes! And this season, the brand surprises us again with other news, Converse sneakers with satin shoelaces. As you can see, it’s always up-to-date with the latest trends! And there at EscapeShoes, you can find these trainers in three colours:

  •          Yellow, or beige, All Star
  •          Blue All Star
  •          Pink All Star

Keep reading today’s EscapeShoes blog post to learn more about the most feminine All Star sneakers of all time!

All Star sneakers with satin shoelaces

To start on a high note, we present to you the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Big Eyelets Egret sneakers. See them below:


Did you also fall in love with these Converse sneakers? They’re very similar to the traditional canvas ones, but they’ve bigger eyelets to hold their satin shoelaces. Besides, their yellowish beige colour’s very soft and matches with anything.

However, would you prefer something entirely in satin? Well, your wishes have been fulfilled, and better yet they’re cheaper All Star than the previous ones, which helps with your wallet!


What do you think about these All Star sneakers? Aren’t they gorgeous? As you can see, the first ones are in a similar shade of beige than the ones we’ve showed first. Then, we also have available in blue and in pink… Which one do you choose for you?

And when you finally choose, do you know what you need to do? Buy your All Star here at EscapeShoes! And you don’t need to go to the most remote places to find them, since we send your Converse directly to your home! Pay us a visit and order your All Star of 2018!

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