Fly London’s Best

Fly London's Best

The best shoes and bags!

If you’re an avid reader of the EscapeShoes blog, then you must know that sometimes we make posts featuring the models that we consider the best of the best from each brand. However, which were the ones that were truly the most requested and the ones that captured the most attention from our customers? Well, on today’s post we’ll precisely show them! By basing on received questions and requests, we made a selection of the most popular and desired models, chosen by you. Are you wishing to see these models? Check out the best Fly London shoes, booties, boots and bags, chosen by you!

Fly London shoes


Can you find a common feature between these two models of Fly London shoes? That’s right! They’re from the famous Yellow line! What could you expect? Especially if what you’re looking for is a pair of elegant shoes, which also offer you a comfortable and balanced walk, thanks to their wedge soles.

Fly London boots


Also presenting elastics, we’ve the Myla Make Brown on the first picture, which are perfect for your day-to-day. They’re very comfortable and it’s easy to imagine them with trousers, leggings, skirts, dresses or shorts.

Now on the second picture, you can see the Yellow Yust Diesel, which also present something that ensures that putting them on and taking them off is quicker and easier for you. Of course, I’m referring to their side zipper! And as you can see, you can use these Fly London boots with clothes in any colour, since they look great with anything!

Fly London bags


To finish, we go to the bags, because in any wardrobe a Fly London bag couldn’t be missing, don’t you think so? And this Portuguese brand offers us a great diversity of models! When you see the two bags above, it may seem that both have a very simple design, but the truth’s that they’ve some tricks up their sleeves!

What did you think? These models are really the best of the best, right? Or do you think you’ve found an even better one? Tell us which one it is! And if you want any of these shoes, ankle boots, boots or bags in your wardrobe, do you know what you have to do? Buy your very own Fly London at EscapeShoes! And remember to see the many more models that we’ve available waiting for you!

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