An influential brand in the fashion world has arrived to the EscapeShoes online store! It’s Gant! It has a long history, since it was founded in 1949 in New Haven, Connecticut, by Bernard Gantmacher. In the beginning, it only made shirts, as it was even responsible for bringing the classic button-down shirts to the market. However, in 1971, now in the management of his sons Marty and Elliot, it expanded to other types of garments and even, you must have already guessed, shoes! And on today’s blog post we’ll precisely show you the Gant sneakers that are part of the new spring / summer collection 2019 and are already available at EscapeShoes! Let’s go!

Dark-coloured sneakers

gant sneakers

We’ll start with the dark-coloured sneakers, namely in black and dark blue. As you can see, Gant offers different types of trainers, from the most casual to the sporty. Their designs also vary, as they can be simpler or with more details and different textures. Furthermore, you can even find platform sneakers, like the Aurora Leather in black. They’re perfect to provide you a few extra centimetres of height!

Light-coloured sneakers

gant trainers 

Now we go to the light-coloured sneakers, being the lightest colour of all white, of course! But Gant doesn’t limit itself to just making white trainers! It also adds details, for example metallized touches, a yellow sole and colourful side stripes to make its sneakers truly unique! On the other hand, in case you prefer a light shade other than white, you also have the Linda sneakers in beige, which stand out for their suede and satin combo, thus offering a lovely contrast of textures.

Now that you’ve seen the Gant sneakers we’ve available, do you already have a favourite? Surely yes! Therefore, pay a visit to the EscapeShoes online store and buy your ideal pair now!

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