This season, EscapeShoes has many surprises for you! You may have already noticed that not only the spring / summer collections 2019 have arrived to our online store, but also new brands. And on today’s blog post we’ll talk about Mariamare! Have you heard of it? Well, if you don’t know it, it’s a Spanish brand founded in 2001, with the purpose of creating feminine shoes and bags that also enhance your figure. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, it offers a huge variety of articles at accessible prices! We know you’re eager to see its models, so keep reading!

Sandals and Sneakers

Mariamare Shoes 

As you can see, Mariamare offers a range of women’s footwear, though this season sandals are obviously more dominant. Their designs are basically simple and practical, but then they’re complemented with details, for example prints, rhinestones and metallized colours. Therefore, it has really unique shoes! However, the brand always has your comfort in mind, thus offering truly comfortable shoes. Even the Mariamare sneakers with wedge, you might think they’re heavy, but it’s not like that! You’ll be surprised by how lightweight they are as soon as you wear them!

Mariamare bags

Mariamare Bags 

Mariamare’s quality and unique style are also notable in its bags! These bags are perfect for the day-to-day life, but you can also wear them for a more special occasion. Metallized colours are at the forefront, which are always trendy, but you also have the Ivonne bag with a fun polka dot print. It’d surely look great with the Mariamare sandals we’ve showed you above also with the same print!

After seeing these models, Mariamare has already become one of your favourite brands, right? Do you have any model you like above all others? Tell us which! And, of course, place your online order now at EscapeShoes before your pair slips away! We’ll be waiting for you!

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