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With our day-to-day hustle and bustle it’s important to have footwear in which we trust and is versatile enough to match with all our outfits. It’s with that purpose in mind that on today’s EscapeShoes blog post we’ll give you a few suggestions of ideal shoes either for the workplace or for weekend strolls. Let’s go!

  • Formal footwear
  • Casual footwear

Formal footwear

For the day-to-day life, it’s important to have footwear that is comfy all day long. That’s why as soon as we saw these Timberland shoes we thought they’d be an ideal candidate! They’re a simple pair that looks great either with jeans or a bit more formal trousers.

If you prefer something more boot-like, you should go with these lovely and comfortable Soho Cow Suede in taupe from MTNG. They’re equally versatile and we’re sure you’ll be very happy with these boots! What do you think?


Casual footwear

If you’re looking for more casual footwear for your weekends, there are many sneakers that we’re sure you’d love, but these brown Renan from Geox are one of our favourites! They’re between formal and informal, thus making them ideal for numerous occasions! The same happens with these Gioseppo sneakers in navy. They’re very simple, but perfect for any outfit!


After seeing our suggestions, we’d like you to tell us, what do you think about these shoes? Would you like to have any of these pairs in your wardrobe? If your answer’s yest, then don’t wait any second longer and buy your pair now at EscapeShoes! Also seize the chance to check out the other shoes from the new collections that have arrived. The worst will really be to pick your favourite!

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