Merrell Chameleon II Flux – 2014 2015 Autumn Winter – New!

Merrell Chameleon II Flux – 2014 2015 Autumn Winter - New!

Pink, blue or black? What is really hard is to choose the colour. 

See the new colours of the Chameleon Flux in this post: Flux, the new Merrell Chameleon 2015 2016 models.

Everyone knows what to except from a brand like Merrell: quality materials, high performance and the maximum of comfort for your feet. This entire combination creates footwear that can be used for long nature walks as well as for the bustle and hustle of your day-to-day, since it has a great ability to adapt to almost any situation. What more can you ask for?

One of its best well-known models is the Chameleon II, which had already several designs throughout the years. And why is it so popular? Well, one of the reasons is the technologies that are included in this model, one of which is the Vibram sole, which is a rubber sole that provides greater traction and grip in any terrain, in addition of being very durable. But the best of all is that there are models for both men and women, so that you can enjoy your walks with the person you like the most. Isn’t that romantic?

And, this season, Merrell came like a storm with the new 2014 autumn winter collection and with one of the most beautiful models that we ever seen, the Chameleon II Flux. And now you ask us, what does this model have that is so special? To start with, they have two technologies that will certainly spoil your feet from the first to the last moment: the Air Cushion and the M-Select FRESH. While Air Cushion works like a heel cushion that absorbs shock and increases stability, M-Select FRESH, incorporated into the insole, makes sure that your feet are always fresh and ventilated at any moment.

However, these technologies can also exist in other Merrell sneakers. Therefore, what makes this Flux model so special? Well, the answer to that can be found on its materials, since they are made of two different synthetic materials in the upper of the sneakers. The base is a breathable material, similar to mesh, but more covered, in order to protect your feet during harsher weather conditions. However, it also allows the air to circulate, so that your feet are able to breathe. The other material is a type of extremely thin synthetic leather, which makes these sneakers more lightweight, so that you can have an incredibly relaxed walk.

Are you already placing your order? Perhaps, before that, you would like to know the colours that you already have available of this model at EscapeShoes. You must already know that with the black sneakers, you will be able to match with any colour that may exist in your wardrobe, but don’t you think that the ones in blue are also pretty cute? With their cheerful colour, surely they will pep you up when you go for your morning run. However, in truth, who is able to resist these pink sneakers? They are absolutely charming and the proof that you can have a sporting and a feminine style at the same time. Oh my God, how is it possible to choose only one pair?


For the men, there is also this model in black that are the Chameleon II Flux Black, especially made for the male sector. They have the same technologies and features than the previous ones, and also have a touch of red on the shoelaces that contrast wonderfully with the black background. Don’t you have the urge to buy your Merrell sneakers right now?


With all this, you must have only one question in mind. Where can I buy these Merrell sneakers from home? That is simple. It is nothing more and nothing less than here, at EscapeShoes, where you will also find other models of sneakers and boots from this American brand. 

Now, you just need to place your order. What was the colour that you chose? 

Remember to see the new colours of the Chameleon Flux in this post: Flux, the new Merrell Chameleon 2015 2016 models.

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