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After a big summer, Alma en Pena’s back with a stunning autumn / winter collection 2017 and, obviously, we couldn’t end the year without showing the best that this brand has to offer! After its recently tenth anniversary, the brand brought us a collection with innovative designs that show a more rock and folk style, in sneakers as well as in booties and even boots. This is your opportunity to get to know this amazing Alma en Pena’s collection, so you need to read this EscapeShoes’ blog post!

Alma en Pena sneakers

alma en pena

Once again, beading’s one of the main elements in its shoes’ design, and that’s especially evident in the first Alma en Pena Velvet Black sneakers. In addition of presenting a very lovely drawing, the beads’ sparkle is more subtle, which makes them easier to match. Speaking of sparkle, the sneakers on the side in burgundy also have shiny stones on the strap across the instep, which holds another element that’s currently trendy, fur. However, what I most like about these sneakers is their almost imperceptible floral drawing on the velvet, which is gorgeous and truly very special, don’t you think so?

Alma en Pena ankle boots

alma en pena

Are you ready for rock’n’roll? In my opinion, these ankle boots are the ones that represent this rebel collection the best way! They share many similarities with each other, some more obvious at first sight and others not so much. For example, they’re easy to wear, even the first booties with all those buckles, because even so they also have a zipper, so the buckles are merely decorative. The Crosta Brown ankle boots are also easy to wear, thanks to the elastic accents that hold the tongue, but also present certain femininity with their flower-shaped sequins, which stand out on the dark brown suede.

Alma en Pena boots

alma en pena

It couldn’t be a winter collection without tall boots, right? And these Alma en Pena boots show two of this season’s biggest trends: embroidery and pompons! While the first ones are more cowboy and the seconds are more high couture, this Spanish brand’s presence is very visible on both pairs. Which ones would you prefer for yourself?

As you can see, Alma en Pena has a truly unique style, and the result of this 2017 collection is very feminine and modern shoes, but without putting comfort to the side at any moment. So, if you want to feel special this brand’s for you! Order your very own pair now at EscapeShoes! You can’t start the New Year without your Alma en Pena shoes!

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