Shoes for all year round

So that you can always be ready!

With the weather changing, it’s time to change your winter items for summer items. It’s always a very dull time when we need to change everything we’ve in our wardrobe! However, what if we don’t need to do it with our footwear? On today’s EscapeShoes blog post we’ll give you a few suggestions of ideal shoes to wear for both when it’s hot and for when it’s cold! Keep reading!

Flat shoes

The first model we’ll talk about are black flat shoes. These, for example, are from Melissa! They look great with anything, from dresses to jeans!

Something that, such as flats, cannot be missing in our wardrobe is sneakers! The ones on the following picture are from MTNG! In addition of their beige colour, their synthetic leather protects your feet no matter the temperature! They’re perfect!


Wedge shoes

If you’re looking for shoes that adapt to a more formal environment, Portuguese brands such as Fly London and Cubanas are the perfect bet! Do you want shoes with a touch of colour and a few extra centimetres? Then go with these blue Yellow Yuzo! Such as their name implies, they’re part of the Yellow line, with a phenomenal rubber sole that cushions each one of your steps!

Lastly, if you’re looking for something in a more classic colour, but with a special touch, then there’s nothing better than these Cult-04 in black from Cubanas! Which are your favourites?


Now that you got to know some of our favourite models, there’s nothing better than to go to the EscapeShoes online store so that you can tell us which ones are yours. We’re sure you’ll find the ideal pair for you! Come pay us a visit and buy your perfect shoes for all year round! See you soon!

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