Summer Purses

We love purses! Either they are small or big, plain or colourful, purses can never be enough, why else would we like to have a different one for every season. And, of course, now we want summer purses.

In today’s post we give you a bunch of suggestions to use on these hot summer days.
Come along!

Small purses

We like small purses because they are light and practical. They don’t carry much but it’s enough for what’s important. How about this Mariamare? It is small, practical and it comes in this lovely polka dot pattern!

bag mariamare ivonne polka navy
Mariamare Purse

And now, in summer time there are a lot of fresh new things! These MTNG might be a little bigger but they look just like picnic baskets, and the scarves are beautiful! Why don’t you try to take the best of these days, grab your bag and make a picnic in the middle of a beautiful green field?

mtng bags

Big purses

Big purses are ideal to carry to work, we need so much stuff that space can never be enough. How about these beauties from Ruika? They are the ideal choice to carry everything you need, and these colours match every outfit.

ruika bags


Once upon a time backpacks were only used by kids to go to school, but nowadays they have become a practical and indispensable accessory, even the smaller ones carry tons of things. And there are so many beautiful models, they are perfect for going out, either on an adventure or to go to work, and they are so practical you just have to put them on your shoulders and leave.

Have you seen this Cubanas backpack? It’s simple, it goes nicely with everything, and the red pompom is delicious!

backpack cubanas gummy

Or this camel studed XTI. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

backpack xti camel




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