Take care of your Timberland shoes

Take care of your Timberland shoes

In this new post, we tell you how to take care of your Timberland boots and shoes, so that they always look like new.

The shoes from this famous American brand are known for their high quality materials and for being made in a sustainable manner, always looking to reduce waste emissions and preserve the environment. These are some of the reasons why we love these shoes. The cares and processes to make them achieve splendid results that reflect on the sturdy, comfortable, sometimes waterproof, and always perfect shoes for the everyday life in the countryside and in the city.

Since we know the importance of taking care of our Timberland shoes, in order to always keep them in the best conditions, today, on the EscapeShoes blog, we’ll show you some ways to do it to guarantee them a long life.


The first thing that we usually recommend is to know the materials that our shoes are made of well, and the use conditions. Many models from this brand are water-resistant or waterproof, but others aren’t, so it’s best to prevent rainy or moisty conditions. On the other hand, Timberland works with different types of leather when making its shoes and that’ll also make a difference.

With the help of the videos made by Timberland, today we explain to you three tricks to clean and protect your boots and shoes. Shall we start?


Balm proofing

Every shoe from this brand, even though very durable, starts to have marks over time and due to use and little by little, spots of dirt may appear, even in waterproof shoes. Thanks to the Balm Proofer Protector, you’ll be able to regain the water-resistance and protect the materials more susceptible to stains and splashes, like nubuck. Simply apply the product over the entire boot at a distance of 15 cm and let it dry. As you can see in the following video, you can dry the product more quickly with the help of a hairdryer.


Cleaning Nubuck or Suede

As we mentioned before, Timberland works with high quality materials. Some of them are as beautiful and nice as delicate in their care. We’re talking about nubuck or suede. Even though resistant over time, they tend to have more dirt and stains due to their velvety texture. So, in addition of protecting them, they require cleaning once in a while. While dry, they should be brushed regularly, to remove accumulated dirt in the fur. For deeper cleaning, use the Renewbuck Foam Cleaner. With the help of a clean and dry cloth, spread the product equally throughout the surface of the shoe rubbing it with a circular motion. It’ll help to eliminate persistent stains like sauce or grass. After that, brush the fur to return it to its original natural finish. See how to do it in this video!


Taking care of smooth and waxed leather

It’s possibly the most stain-resistant type of leather, and it’s precisely because of that we usually forget that it also needs our attention and care. This type of leather presents a waxed finish that provides it protection. However, over time, it starts to run off, so it’s necessary to regain it. Do it easily with the Waximum Waxed Leather Protector. Apply the product with a cloth, paying special attention to the leather creases and less accessible areas, which also suffer over time. See how simple it is!


Now you’ll be able to have your shoes always clean, protected and ready to accompany you in your daily adventures! And remember that these small actions won’t take much of your time, but will allow to preserve these shoes that you like so much in the long run. Therefore, don’t wait any longer. Buy your care products now at EscapeShoes!

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