Nowadays, fashion trends aren’t determined by only fashion magazines and designers. Now, there’s a new kind of fashionista that influences what is, and isn’t, in fashion. Of course, we’re talking about bloggers!

In truth, there are many people that prefer to follow these fashion blogs to learn what the latest trends are and also which styles are the most appropriate, because, contrarily to the magazines, most fashion blogs are written by ordinary people, like someone that you could easily find on the street. So, readers identify themselves more with bloggers than with the magazine models.

But, which ones are truly the best fashion blogs?

To find out which ones are the best fashion blogs may not be as easy as it seems, since there are several factors that may be considered, for example, the number of comments that each post usually receives can be an indicative of how many people actually read the blog, but we can’t dismiss other aspects like its influence in social media (Facebook, Twitter…). And the choice of the best blogs can also be a little bit subjective, since each blog has its own style and that style may not be the best fit for you.

However, today on the EscapeShoes blog, we made a small compilation of the fashion blogs that we think you’ll really love, and the best of all is that they’re from different parts of the world! So, you’ll be able to see different styles from distinctive cultures. Let’s start!


Masha Sedgwick

masha sedgwick

From Germany, Masha prefers a comfortable, but at the same time, feminine style. Moreover, she’s a fan of Fashion Week, either in Berlin, New York or Paris, and her blog includes posts about what to bring and wear if you’re also attending these types of fashion events (even if it’s only in your imagination).




Audrey’s an American girl that has always dreamed of living in Paris since she was 16 years old. Now, it’s in the city of love (and fashion) that she lives and writes her blog, and it’s many times the background image of their photos. And like any typical French woman, her looks are so chic and sophisticated, that almost seem part of a painting.




Right away, Carrie seems like a charming girl, with which you’d like to have tea and biscuits! This Londoner publishes more than just photos of her outfits. She also likes to share posts about her travels and even beauty tips and tricks! Personally, I fell instantly in love at first click!


Lovely Pepa

lovely pepa

Alexandra Pereira’s one of the most followed Spanish bloggers on social media. Her blog, about fashion, photography and travel, has earned her several awards and nominations. Recently, she published the book titled “Simply Lovely Pepa”, which serves as a guide to how take the most advantage of the clothes that you have in your wardrobe and to show off your best look during every occasion.


A Pipoca Mais Doce

a pipoca mais doce

To finish, we’ve the Portuguese blog A Pipoca Mais Doce, written by Ana Garcia Martins. It’s so much more than a fashion blog, as it has a very personal and almost intimate tone, in which she shares several moments of her day-to-day. Perhaps that’s why she had so much success in the Portuguese blogosphere!


Are you already following one of these or other fashion blogs? With which one do you identify the most with? Leaves us your comment and find out other blogs, as well as other fashion and, especially, shoe secrets, here at EscapeShoes!