Timberland’s Best

Timberland’s Best

Be adventurous with Timberland!

Every season, each time a new collection arrives, we make a point of making a post on our blog to present it so that this way all our customers and visitors can get to know the collection better and what inspired it. Of course, we did the same with Timberland, a brand well-known and famous for its durability, versatility and, of course, for the beauty and simplicity of its shoes. That’s why today we came back to talk about this brand again here on the EscapeShoes blog, not to present a new collection, but to talk about the favourite shoes from this season! Shall we start?

Women’s footwear

I feel like this year we all followed the trend of choosing earth-toned shoes, like brown and beige, or grey. They’re very versatile colours that match with everything that we’ve in our wardrobe, that’s for sure! The first pair we’ll talk about is a new one that already has huge success! Do you know which model we’re talking about? They’re the Timberland Flyroam Go Knit Chukka, in this case in a gorgeous shade of grey! They’re sneakers ideal for the day-to-day life, comfortable and that will keep your feet really ventilated! If you don’t like these Timberland sneakers in this colour, don’t you worry because there are also in other colours! They’re very pretty, don’t you think so? We think so!

Speaking of beautiful and comfortable footwear, one of the favourite models among women was also the Radford 5 boots in brown (the second pair that appears on the picture below). They isolate your feet from the ground, they’re super comfortable and they offer extra support around your ankle! They’re perfect for your day-to-day life or for your hiking trips during the coldest months! If you’re still looking for the perfect footwear for this winter, these Timberland boots are a great choice. Look just:


Men’s footwear

Now going to the men’s preferences, there haven’t been many changes regarding the colours of the chosen shoes! They choose simple shoes that look great with anything and that are comfortable for the day-to-day’s hustle and bustle or for walks during the weekend. The first’s a pair of earth-toned waterproof sneakers that adapt to any situation. The second pair is a pair of boots and they’re perfect for your adventures! Look at both pairs and tell us what you think:


Now that you know the top of Timberland shoes, both for men and women, tell us which one is your favourite and if you already have any of these pairs! If you still don’t but you’re thinking of buying one, we hope that we’ve helped you with your choice! And you already know that there are more options at the EscapeShoes online store! We’re waiting for you!

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