If you’re one of those that can’t get through summer without a pair of espadrilles and that love glittery shoes, the perfect brand for you has finally arrived at EscapeShoes! It’s Vidorreta!

With tradition in making espadrilles since 1979, this Spanish brand prides itself in comfortable and fashionable shoes, made with the care of a specialized team of artisans. And we already had the opportunity the see this care for ourselves first hand as soon as we received its spring / summer collection 2017, as we saw the impeccable finishes of its espadrilles.

However, Vidorreta’s not satisfied with just making espadrilles, as it also loves to take different types of leather, fabric and other materials, combined with the most varied colours and prints, to create something truly unique that adapts well to your style.

Case in point is its most recent spring / summer collection 2017, based on one of the biggest trends of the latest seasons, glitter. The brand could have just created espadrilles in metallized colours, but it went beyond by adding details currently in fashion, like sequins and glitter.

Let’s us then start with the espadrilles with sequins and, believe us, there’s a lot to choose from, from lighter colours, such as the Vidorreta Orion Nude Pitiusa, to darker colours, such as Vidorreta Orion Blue Pitiusa. And there are even more colours, some more basic and others more bright. However, since they’ve sequins, all of them create a fun effect that reminds us of scales, and if you look at the shoes from above it even seems like there’s a slight variation of colour, since the sequins are in another shade on the side faced downwards.


We now go to the glittery espadrilles, and, like the previous ones, there’s a lot of variety. You’ll be able to see the other colours on the website, but on this post we show you the Glitter Matte Gold Pitiusa, because there’s no way to go wrong with a classic, isn’t that right? Their beige fabric makes the glitter stand out even more, in order to offer a special touch to any outfit! On the other hand, we also have shoes such as the Glitter Matte Water Ibiza Micro, which show the brand’s originality by combining the versatility of espadrilles with the formality of moccasins in a single pair. Their dark green glitter’s complemented with the metallized leather in a darker shade of the fringed tassels for a perfect fusion! Just look!


Have you taken a look at the EscapeShoes webpage? Did you see all the Vidorreta espadrilles from the new 2017 collection? Of all of them, which ones are your favourites? If you’re able to choose just one pair, tell me how you do it! Because, honestly, I admit that I’m not the biggest fan of espadrilles, and it’s even hard for me to resist! Place your online order now and share with us your preferences and your thoughts about this new brand of ours!