Women’s Shoes

Every year we’ve the same question, what’s the best day-to-day footwear? Keep reading today’s EscapeShoes blog post where we’ll share with you some suggestions of women’s shoes to wear daily! Shall we?

  • Ankle boots
  • Sneakers

Ankle boots

We’ll then start with the type of footwear that’s ideal for winter and spring, the ankle boots. They can be worn in the workplace as well as for a more special occasion, that’s why it’s vital that they’re both comfortable and versatile! Hence, we couldn’t not mention Fly London, since this Portuguese brand has shoes of unmatchable quality! We believe these reddish brown Gwyn Goal are perfect since they’re high heeled and their colour matches anything. They’re just perfect!

The ankle boots on the next picture are from Cubanas, a brand equally known for its quality and comfort. In this case, we believe the Tribal Chocolate are ideal if you prefer an alternative with a slighter lower heel. What do you think about these ankle boots?

ankle boots


It’s finally the weekend and we want to wear comfier and cosier shoes, right? This is where our beloved sneakers come into action! The first pair’s very simple and ideal to match with all your outfits. They’re the Carmela sneakers in blue and are total comfort in a pair of shoes! The sneakers next to them are very interesting since their shaft can be folded, thus seeming like you’ve two pairs instead of one! They’re the Alma en Pena Suede Brown and are like real slippers by how fluffy they are!


Now that we gave you a few suggestions of women’s shoes so that you’re always comfortable, we want you to tell us which ones did you like the most! We like all of them! We also take this chance to tell you that there are many more models at our EscapeShoes online store! Pay us visit, since we’re waiting for you!

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